Replacing a High School Class with a College Class: Match-up Guide

Does College Algebra replace high school algebra 2? Can you use CLEP to replace American Literature? In this post, you’ll learn which dual enrollment college class will replace your high school classes.

I think it must be said that every homeschooling parent has three important parameters on their decisions for dual enrollment and high school planning.

  • First, it’s imperative that any state laws or guidelines be followed. This is so that when your teen graduates, their high school diploma will be valid.
  • Second, a teen’s goals and career plans for after high school are always part of the process. Is your teen is targeting a competitive 4-year university, entering the military with college credit, starting their own business, enrolling in an apprenticeship, attending community college, or something else? The “best plan” is the plan that helps them accomplish their goals- not the goals of others.
  • Third, your teen’s ability to be successful in a dual enrollment course (DE) is really important. You shouldn’t put them into DE courses that could result in feelings of failure or actual failure. Your son’s courses should be chosen with care so you can put them on the path to success – and that is not a one size fits all approach.

High school and college courses are never identical. Even when courses share the same name you can expect a lot of variables that make it an inexact science. These match-ups can give you a solid place to start. You should read the course description and prerequisite information for any college class you’re considering for your teen. A course description can provide valuable clues to whether or not it’s best for your teen.

1 college class = 1 high school credit

Typically, a high school class can last all year (2 semesters), but college classes typically only last for 1/2 of a year (1 semester). When you fill a high school schedule with 2 college classes, your teen is earning twice as much high school credit.

College Art Appreciation 1 = 1 high school credit

College Art Appreciation 1 & 2 = 2 high school credits

As an example, a student taking 12th-grade language arts for high school credit will earn 1 high school credit. If the student instead takes English Composition 1 and 2 through dual enrollment, the student earns 2 high school credits and 6 college credits.

In the match, you’ll see “and/or” which indicates you can choose 1 of the classes if you’d like to fill 1 semester, but you can choose both of the classes if you’d like to fill 2 semesters. Award high school credit on their homeschool transcript in either case.

FYI: I’ve added in CLEP exams where appropriate.

High School to Dual Enrollment Match-up

High School CourseDual Enrollment Match-up
11th Grade Language Arts (Honors)
12th Grade Language Arts (Regular)
English Language and Composition (AP)
Freshman Composition 1 and/or 2
English Composition 1 and/or 2
CLEP College Composition
Public Speaking
Oral Communication
Introduction to Communication
Biology (College Prep or Honors)BIOXXX
Introduction to Biology
Biology for Non-science majors
CLEP Biology
Biology (Advanced Placement)BIOXXX
General Biology 1 and 2 with Lab
Chemistry (College Prep or Honors)CHEMXXX
Introduction to Chemistry
Chemistry for Non-science majors
CLEP Chemistry
Chemistry (Advanced Placement)CHEMXXX
General Chemistry 1 and 2 with Lab
Physics (College Prep or Honors)
AP Physics 1 or 2 (Algebra-based)
Introduction to Physics
Physics for Non-science majors
AP Physics C Electricity (Calc-based)
AP Physics C Mechanics (Calc-based)
General Physics 1 and 2 with Lab
Introduction to LiteratureLITXXX
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Lit
American LiteratureLITXXX
American Literature
CLEP American Literature
British LiteratureLITXXX
British or English Literature
CLEP English Literature
American GovernmentGOVTXXX
American Government
CLEP American Government
United States History / American HistoryHISXXX
United States History 1 and/or 2
CLEP US History 1 and/or 2
Economics (Honors or AP)ECONXXX
Economics 1 and/or 2
Macroeconomics and/or Microeconomics
CLEP Macroeconomics and/or Microecon.
Psychology (Regular, Honors, AP)PSYXXX
General Psychology
Introduction to Psychology
CLEP Introductory
Western Civilization (Honors, AP)HISXXX
Western Civilization 1 and/or 2
CLEP Western Civilization 1 and/or 2
Math after Algebra 1 MATXXX
Math for Liberal Arts
College Math
CLEP College Mathematics
Math after Algebra 2MATXXX
Math for Liberal Arts
College Math
CLEP College Mathematics
College Algebra
CLEP College Algebra
CLEP Precalculus
AP Calculus AB
Calculus 1
CLEP Calculus
Calculus 1 and 2
Introduction to BusinessBUSXXX
Introduction to Business
Business LawBUSXXX
Business Law
CLEP Introduction to Business Law
Introduction to Marketing
Principles of Marketing
CLEP Principles of Marketing
Introduction to Management
Principles of Management
CLEP Principles of Management
High School Foreign Language 1Elementary Foreign Language 1 and/or 2
High School Foreign Language 2Intermediate Foreign Lang. 1 and/or 2
CLEP Spanish, French, or German


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