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Last Call: ASU Poetry In America

Heads up! ASU’s Poetry in America course enrollment period is coming to a close on 1/5/22! Remember- this is a unique course with specific sign up window and course content. No guarantees that we will have access to it again.

If you are a new student with no ASURITE ID, do it today! You need 2-3 business days to get your ID to be able to sign up for the course. Ea.Asu.Edu/partners/HS4CC

Make sure HS4CC is in the URL or you can’t register.

If you are an existing student and you’re in the HS4CC portal, the course should be available in your dashboard. If it isn’t, please report to us in this post AND contact the UL team immediately (don’t know if they’re there today)

If you’re not in the HS4CC portal but are an existing high school student, we recommend switching to our portal bc sometimes we have special course access or beta classes and you won’t want to miss out on them. We don’t make a dime off of the portal, it’s just to help manage these special offerings. 🙂 Contact them via the options above. You can also have them enroll your high school aged student manually if not in the portal.

Costs are the same as always: $25 to sign up and take the course, $400 optionally at the end if you like the grade.