More Good News from Modern States

You may already know Modern States will give you a voucher to take your CLEP for free, and you may also already know that Modern States will reimburse you for your testing center fee, but NOW it’s exciting to share that if you take you CLEP at home while using a Modern States voucher, your CLEP at home fee is totally waived! No more reimbursement needed!

Modern States offers free, online classes to help you prepare for CLEP exams. When you complete a course through Modern States you will receive a free voucher for the exam. If you elect to take your CLEP at home instead of at a testing center, your proctoring fee is also waived.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create an account at .
  2. Choose a class from the Modern States catalog.
  3. Enroll and complete the course. View the videos (or read the transcripts) and answer all of the practice questions. You can view your progress in the class by choosing the progress tab at the top of the screen.image 1
  4. Request a voucher when you’ve completed 100% of the course. You will need to upload a screenshot of your course progress. It will look like the image above, but the total at the right needs to be 100%. You should receive an email from Modern States with the voucher code within a few days.
  5. Register for the CLEP exam using the voucher number you received. Add the voucher number at the checkout (see the image below). Your total will be $0.


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