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A New HS4CC Facebook Group!

I’m pleased to announce our newest Facebook group: Homeschooling for College Credit Computer Science, IT, and Cybersecurity! If your teen is targeting anything tech or computer-related for dual enrollment, a major in college, or an occupation, this is the group for you!

The HS4CC Computer Science, IT, Cybersecurity group will operate around the principles taught in Homeschooling for College Credit by Jennifer Cook DeRosa with intentional focus on earning college credit or a degree in computer science, IT, and cybersecurity.

As with all of our Facebook groups, your leadership team consists of volunteer parents who are well-versed & experts in Homeschooling for College Credit methodology and the topic of the group.

For parents and students interested in Computer Science, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and anything else in the tech world.

We have a VERY SPECIAL free event taking place in the group this month…. details coming soon!

Meet your Computer Science, IT, and Cybersecurity Admin Andrea Spence LaBass

Andrea wore many hats in the IT field over the 16 years she worked prior to staying home to homeschool her kids. Programmer, IT, Unix admin, Database Administrator for Sybase, Oracle, etc. As a homeschool mom, she coached several FIRST Lego League (FLL) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams, and taught a robotics class. Her husband, Richard, works in IT and her son is Homeschooling for College Credit. He is pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity/IT. They have a small lab set up in their house for experimentation where they enjoy tinkering with all kinds of techie things. 🙂

For the past 3 years, Andrea has been a valuable member of the HS4CC leadership team. She currently moderates our Texas and ASU groups. This new group promises an exciting opportunity for discussions of the vast technical world. Andrea invites you to come and discover great resources to teach at home, prepare for college and career, explore degrees, internships, scholarships, admissions, and more.

Do you have a special request? Is there a group we need to support your Homeschooling for College Credit experience? If so, drop me a note!

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa

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Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

2 thoughts on “A New HS4CC Facebook Group!

  1. Hello HSCC Team!
    I have been an email blog follower for years, gleaning much, and starting my first, of four, on her debt-free college journey starting (college locally) this Fall! (CLEP, dual enrollment, and now scholarships!) Thank you!!!
    My second child has a keen interest in IT. She has been coding with 4-H for years and is in the middle of a “boot camp” certification in HTML, JAVA, and CSS for high school. She is currently a freshman.

    I am also trying to help a new young man in our congregation break away from the $35,000/yr his parents are currently paying for his tuition and help him finish his IT degree in a less expensive manner.

    We would really love to be in personal contact with Andrea, to pick her brain. However we are not members of facebook or any other social media sites.

    Can you put me in touch with Andrea?

    Thanks so much!

    Mikele Grabbe
    homeschooling mother of four in Fort Mill, SC

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