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Happy 2022

What are your Homeschooling for College Credit goals for 2022? As you may know, I still have one son at home who I’m Homeschooling for College Credit, so as I urge you to make goals, I’m making them, too!

Earning even 1 college credit puts your teen ahead. If you haven’t started, make this your year!

Here are some posts I’ve written about getting started – what are you waiting for?

WATCH NOW: Homeschooling for College Credit 101

HS4CC 101 In this session, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa gives you a “crash course” in the principles of Homeschool for College Credit. You’ll learn the basics of how college enrollment works, what types of college credit are available, how to compare college credit types, and how to find and use our community resources. Watch Now (1 hour)

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Homeschool Subjects & CLEP Depth

CLEP is a fantastic addition to any homeschool program.  For parents that want to plan a lot of inexpensive (free) college credit into their teen’s high school program, you’ll want to understand the depth of knowledge needed of various exams. CLEP exams can be sorted into 2 depth piles: individual subjects or cumulative subjects:

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