Happy 2022

What are your Homeschooling for College Credit goals for 2022? As you may know, I still have one son at home who I’m Homeschooling for College Credit, so as I urge you to make goals, I’m making them, too!

Earning even 1 college credit puts your teen ahead. If you haven’t started, make this your year!

Here are some posts I’ve written about getting started – what are you waiting for?

Homeschool Subjects & CLEP Depth

CLEP is a fantastic addition to any homeschool program.  For parents that want to plan a lot of inexpensive (free) college credit into their teen’s high school program, you’ll want to understand the depth of knowledge needed of various exams. CLEP exams can be sorted into 2 depth piles: individual subjects or cumulative subjects:

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