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Sophia Courses on a High School Transcript

Using Sophia courses in your homeschool? This chart will help you record those courses and award the proper amount high school credit.

Sophia Courses = Potential College Credit

Sophia college courses are in a different category than college courses you take directly through a college. Sophia is a business, not a college, so completing a Sophia courses in high school won’t generate a college transcript. College credit that doesn’t generate a college transcript (CLEP, DSST, AP, Sophia, Studycom, Straighterline, Saylor Academy, Coopersmith, Davar, OnlineDegree, Lumerit, and others) are technically “potential” college credit and therefore are recorded on your high school transcript more like high school courses than how you’d record college courses. Unlike college courses, if your student fails any of these courses, you can leave them off your high school transcript completely.

The following is my recommendation, but as the homeschool administrator, you have the ultimate authority to award any credit or grade for any of these courses.

suggested high school credit
30.5Business Law
10.0 – 0.25Developing Effective Teams
30.5Introduction to Business
30.5Project Management
30.5Introduction to Relational Databases
30.5Introduction to Web Development
30.5College Readiness
10.0 – 0.25IT Career Exploration
30.5Introduction to Information Technology
30.5Taking Charge of Your Economic Future
10.0 – 0.25The Essentials of Managing Conflict
30.5Conflict Resolution
31.0English Composition I
31.0English Composition II
30.5Foundations of English Composition
30.5Public Speaking
30.5Visual Communications
30.5Ancient Greek Philosophers
30.5Approaches to Studying Religions
30.5Art History I
30.5Art History II
30.5Introduction to Ethics
30.5College Algebra
30.5Environmental Science
20.5Foundations of Statistics
30.5Human Biology
30.5Introduction to Statistics
30.5Introduction to Psychology
30.5Introduction to Sociology
30.5U.S. History I
30.5U.S. History II


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit