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January Celebration!

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It’s that time of the month and we want to hear your wins!  Did your teen earn college credit this month?  Did they do something cool? Did they graduate?  Share below so we can celebrate with you!


“My oldest passed the Information Systems CLEP with a 63 this month. 🎉” – Mandi H.

“My 14 yo daughter just passed her 5th CLEP exam! She’s a total of 28 college credits to start her dual enrollment in the Fall. She’s planning to take 3 more CLEP exams (10 credit units) before she starts her DE at CPCC. 🎉 Thanks to the Homeschooling for College Credit group for all the help!” -Hema C.

“My 13 year old completed another ACE class this month for a total of 37 credits (18 credits via CLEPS, 7 credits vis online college classes, the rest ACE credits). 🎉” -Kali P.

“My daughter completed 21 ACE credits and found a college willing to take them. We started the process a year ago thanks to Jennifer and this group she will graduate in May with her A.A. Degree and 80 credits. Hopefully, we CLEP the last few for transfer of 90 credits.” -KM White

“My 12 year old finished College Algebra at ASU with a 93!!!” -Galia K.

“Thanks to you, my daughters have 21 and 27 credits respectively since starting in October!” -Lisa C.

“My 10th grader successfully completed her first 3 college courses with 3.8, 3.9, 3.9 grades! And has started 3 new courses this semester! We sat down tonight to plan for fall classes and realized she’ll be at least 2/3 finished with her bachelors degree when she graduates high school!” -Nicole W.

“My 8th & 9th grader have: 54 ACE credits generals & electives, 1 Upper Division ACE. After these last 2 Sophia classes they have hit all required generals for the degree they are going for. The goal they have for the rest of the year: 66 generals/electives, 24 upper division through study. We school all year. They do 2 hours a day. (Sometimes a little longer if writing a paper)” -Anna S.

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