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Homeschool Transcript: Courses in Progress

How should I list our courses in progress or planned?

My advice for courses in progress or planned, but not yet complete, is to mirror the methods used by colleges. Their system is simple, and using their format speaks “their language” which makes understanding your transcript that much easier.

Course “in progress” or “planned” or “registered but not started” can all be included on the transcript. Think of these as placeholders. Since these courses are not yet worth credit, do not include them in any of your calculations for GPA or credits earned.

I’ve used the letters “IP” to represent “in-progress” and “Pl” to represent “planned” but you can use any code you like, just be sure you have a key somewhere on the transcript.

The letters or phrase you use will depend on where your teen is when you produce the transcripts. For instance, if your teen has started this semester’s classes, then their status is “in progress.” If you’ve registered them but they haven’t started yet, then “planned” or “registered” are acceptable.

As a rule of thumb, you should keep a “clean” version of their transcript separate from your working copy. Your working copy might be planned for several semesters, but your teen’s official version that you could send at any moment should be “clean” in that it represents only up through this current semester.

In progress

MAT-129 College Algebra1.0IP
ENG-111 English Composition1.0IP
Term Total / GPA0.000.00
Cumulative Totals / GPA12.003.50
Spring 2022


MAT-129 College Algebra1.0Pl
ENG-111 English Composition1.0Pl
Term Total / GPA0.000.00
Cumulative Totals / GPA12.003.50
Spring 2022

Registered Not Yet Started

MAT-129 College Algebra1.0Registered
ENG-111 English Composition1.0Registered
Term Total / GPA0.000.00
Cumulative Totals / GPA12.003.50
Spring 2022

Once the credit is earned

MAT-129 College Algebra1.0A
ENG-111 English Composition1.0A
Term Total / GPA2.04.00
Cumulative Totals / GPA14.003.57
Spring 2022


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