Straighterline BOGO Coupon

Straighterline (ACE CREDIT) sent out this code today: Valentine’s Day BOGO* offer just for you! Buy any course and get $59 off the second course in your cart using promo code:  LOVE2022  *Offer valid through 2/20/22. (learn more about Straighterline below)

Straighterline’s pricing:

$99 per month + pay per course (average $59 each)

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Straighterline Limited Transfer Straighterline credit type:  ACE credit. (What is ACE credit?) Disclaimer: Straighterline is a registered trademark. The content of this blog is not endorsed, evaluated, or approved by Straighterline in any way. What: Straighterline is a business (not college) that offers online courses. Who accepts their credit? Straighterline has over 100 partner […]

Straighterline Dissected: What to Take

I first published this story in February 2017, though some of the point distributions have changed since then, the strategy is still going strong! Since you can see every Straighterline syllabus by entering their website and clicking on the course you’re interested in, you can adopt these ideas for any class you choose! Not all […]

Straighterline and my 10th Grader’s Spring Semester

Almost as an afterthought, when my 12th grader started using Straighterline this past semester, I decided to enroll my 10th grader- for just one month.  My goal was for them to share the textbook I’d just purchased for my older son.  Efficiency is always an important part of our budget.  They’d share the text, learn lessons together […]


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