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A New Class! Match CLEP to HS Classes

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I’m teaching a fun new class next month that I know you’ll love. It’s called “Matching CLEP Exams to your High School Classes” and it’s going to be held live on Zoom. We’ll look at how specific high school subjects and classes match up with various CLEP exams so you can resourcefully plan your teen’s schedule. Details below.

March 24, 2022

6pm EST

$2.99 technology fee*

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What you’ll learn

*What is a technology fee and why do you charge one?

The technology fee for a HS4CC workshop is currently $2.99 and payable through PayPal when you register. This small fee pays our organization’s Zoom account, privacy-protected recording, media file storage fees, and hosting the recording on the HS4CC website. Once a recording is made, it will appear on the HS4CC website for everyone to view for no cost. Thanks so much, Jennifer

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