Dual Enrollment Pays Off in Michigan

Thank you Jenifer S. for allowing me to share your family’s triumph. I hope this is an encouragement to many others.

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for a student to take a college class while simultaneously earning high school credit. In some states, dual enrollment is automatically free or reduced tuition, but other states require full tuition or that the parent look outside the state at distance learning options. Jenifer S. from Michigan shares a little with us about her journey with dual enrollment.

Jenifer S. (HS4CC parent in Michigan)

“My oldest homeschooled daughter graduated 3 years ago from high school, and will also graduate this spring as well from (name removed) University with her bachelor’s in graphic design. She’s 20 years old. She has had a lot of health challenges, struggles with ADHD, and started homeschooling in 2015 with her brother. She was 3 years behind in reading after I pulled them both from public school. She caught up sixth grade levels in two years, and by her third year of homeschooling, started her first dual enrolled class.

My son pulled not just a 3.5 for the Academic Honors List at (name removed) Community College last fall term, he sailed out on a 3.7 GPA taking 11 credits (3 classes)! Yes, I’m bursting. And blessed. He’s chosen to be a future Wildcat at Northern Michigan University this upcoming fall.

Dual enrollment is a positive benefit for those who are ready, and also worth paying every penny for out of pocket for the freedom of choice in coursework. “

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