6 thoughts on “February Celebration!!

  1. No, but I am proud of the work my 12 year old has done preparing for the CLEP Test he can begin taking in a month when he turns 13. He is also enrolled in two classes at San Juan College and has taken and passed 3 classes at Scottsdale CC in the last year. Thank you Homeschooling for College Credit for all the knowledge and resources!!!

  2. Not this month, specifically, but my 14 year old daughter recently finished up Western Civ, through ASU, with an A, and she’s just about to finish ENG 101, also with an A! Thank you HS4CC for helping us navigate dual enrollment!!

  3. We just finished up our second class of this year at ASU – Psychology 101 and she loved it. Now trying to focus better on CLEP and a few others. Thankfully, Jen, you keep me on track!

    1. wow!! Hey, I really loved psychology 101 too. If she is trying CLEP, look at the Human Growth and Development, there is a lot of similar topics so it won’t be 100% new material to her….AND… if she still likes psych at that point, have her to the Educational Psychology. All three of those are different, so she won’t duplicate any credit, but all share a lot of content- so 9 credits in total. Congrats!!!

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