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Find College Credit: Accounting

Looking for college credit in Accounting? We have a list!

Intro. to Financial Accounting*OutlierExcellent
Online Accounting for Business*ASU ULExcellent
Accounting 101: Financial AccountingStudycomLimited
Accounting 102: Intro to Managerial AccountingStudycomLimited
Accounting 301: Applied Managerial AccountingStudycomLimited
Accounting 202: Intermediate Accounting IIStudycomLimited
Accounting 201: Intermediate Accounting IStudycomLimited
Accounting 303: Cost AccountingStudycomLimited
Financial AccountingCLEP ExamGood
Personal Finance*Blue Ridge CTCExcellent
Quick Books*Blue Ridge CTCExcellent
* graded credit from a Regionally Accredited College

BIG PICTURE STUFF: Transferability Key

There are over 30 types and brands of college credit available to your teen- know the differences and understand how each may help you accomplish your family’s goals!  Whether it’s saving money, saving time, or earning admission to your target school – college credit is not created equally.  We’re here to help you sort through…


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