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Dual Enrollment: Genetics

A parent contacted me today asking for help locating a dual enrollment course in Genetics. That’s a little outside the ordinary, so after spending more than an hour digging (and I know where to look) I compiled only a tiny list. Anything that’s this hard to find deserves a post, so I’m happy to share my results with all of you!

What’s NOT on the list:

  1. Unaccredited or nationally accredited classes (these won’t transfer well)
  2. Classes not open to high school students.
  3. Classes that only meet in person. (audience too limited)
  4. DE classes that won’t allow students from other states. (audience too limited)
  5. Classes that cost over $1,000. (University of New England, Harvard Extension, and UC Berkeley Extension all offer Genetics classes in this price range if interested.)

I was given this list, however after checking every single entry, none of these are currently available- so list may be too old. Still, I’m sharing it because of the rotation variable. What’s available today doesn’t reflect what would have been offered last semester (or next). Since classes frequently rotate, these can’t be totally ruled out.

  • Ferris State University BIOL 101 Genetics-Human Aspects 4
  • Ferris State University BIOL 375 Principles of Genetics 3
  • Husson University SC 131 Human Genetics 3*
  • University Of Maine NUR 160 Intro Hum Genetics & Genomics 3**
  • Portland Community College BI 222 Human Genetics 4
  • Auburn University BIOL 3000 Genetics 3
  • Harrisburg University BIOL 320 Genetics 3
  • Austin Peay State University AGRI 4430 Genetics of Crops-Livestock 3**

*If this class becomes available, it will be FREE. Husson allows homeschooled DE students from any state to complete up to 2 courses per semester for zero tuition.

**This is NOT a recommended course. The course prefix is not science and will likely not transfer as a science credit or a general education course. The exception is for a student who intends to major in agriculture or nursing.

Learn Genetics

My first recommendation is to look local. Community colleges often have a Genetics course taught through the Biology department. If you can get a lab, even better. But, if you hit another dead end, don’t give up. There are still a few ways you can study Genetics. You’ll award high school credit no matter what, and the potential college credit will be determined later.

Study(.)com: Genetics 101

Study(.)com: Biology 102 Genetics

These two Studycom courses are worth college credit at colleges that accept ACE credit. This is not the same level of transferability as a dual enrollment course, but you can choose the price tier that is under the college accelerator plan (college credit) plan and save a lot of money if you don’t need or can’t use the college credit.

Learn.Genetics at University of Utah

Teach.Genetics at University of Utah

Enormous website of free educational content and curriculum for learners or parents. This site is really something special. They have over 10 million visitors each year. Even if you don’t pursue college credit by exam (discussed in a minute) you could absolutely DIY an independent study high school science credit using the resources at that page.

Rice University @ DNA Biology Genetic Code

If you’re looking for a little less independent study and a little more structure, this free online self paced course takes about 6 weeks. You’ll award 1 high school credit but this is not worth college credit. Be aware that edX offers the same course for a fee ($169) that gives you access to graded homework and exams. Parents should be aware that this doesn’t change the college credit piece, this is still a noncredit course whether you pay or use the free version.

Duke University @ Intro to Genetics and Evolution

Like the Rice University option above, this is a free online self paced course. You’ll award 1 high school credit but this is not worth college credit. Like edX, you can purchase an upgrade that gives access to more content ($60/mo.) but this doesn’t change the college credit piece. This is still a noncredit course whether you pay or use the free version.

Credit by Exam: UExcel Test

UExcel Basic Genetics Study Guide

Excelsior College allows anyone to try and test out of Basic Genetics (3 credits) using a 100 question multiple choice exam. This exam costs $110 (paid to Excelsior College) and $65 (paid to Pearson VUE for proctoring). The exam is administered online using your home computer. The Genetics Study Guide is linked above and free, but the guide gives the name of a recommend text book. I looked it up, and it runs $130 on Amazon, so my recommendation is to use Learn.Genetics site if you need more depth. Like the other resources above, you should award 1 high school credit for this effort, and then there is a potential for 3 college credits by passing this exam.

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