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Summer Honors Program

I’ve missed sharing about the college-credit summer programs since COVID, but we are starting to see them come back for 2022! This is the first one I’ve found, but as I find more, I’ll be sure to share them with you. This specific program is worth 6 college credits and takes place in person over 2 weeks at a Christian University in Tennessee called Lee University. Housing and meals are included!


The cost of the entire program is only $980.

This includes 6 college credits, books, lodging, meals, and activities.

Students receive a head start on their college career by earning 6 hours of academic credit. (PASS/FAIL – not grades) While outside of the classroom, students will experience a wide variety of social activities they can expect to find at Lee.

“To be eligible for Summer Honors, you must meet the following two qualifications:

  • Be a member of the class of 2022 or 2023.
  • Possess a 3.2 GPA OR have a 24 (ACT) or 1120 (SAT) college entrance exam score.

Also, you will need to submit a letter from your guidance counselor or school administrator verifying your academic record. We accept the first 180 qualified applicants, so go ahead and make your plans to attend.”

  • CHMN-159-SH Becoming More than Christian: Developing a Faith that Informs Your Life
  • EDUC-159-SH How Different Can This Be?: Human Exceptionalities and Similarities in Relation to Special Education
  • EDUC-159-SH2 Igniting the World for Change: The Bible, Transformational Teaching, and You
  • EDUC-159-SH3 10 Days to Change the World
  • HIST-159-SH Lessons from Leaders: Ancient to Contemporary
  • PSYC-159-SH You, Us, and Disney+
  • RELG-159-SH Transforming Communities through Service
  • BIOS-159-SH Disaster Health and Survival: When Others Run Out, We Run In
  • BUSN-159-SH Business Lessons from The Office
  • CINE-159-SH The Film Experience: Understanding Cultural Language through the Cinema
  • GNST-159-SH Leading in Cancel Culture
  • MTHS-159-SH Keeping Secrets Secret: The Mathematical Art to Making and Breaking Codes
  • MUSW-159-SH Creative Worship Planning and Collaborative Song Writing
  • PSYC-159-SH2 Emerge: Knowing Yourself and Writing a Better Story

HS4CC Transfer Pro Tip: If you’re making your course selection based on the best likelihood of transfer later, choose a course with the prefix HIST, PSYC, RELG, BIOS, or MTHS. These are more likely to be considered general education courses.

HS4CC Parent Pro Tip: For each course your teen completes, award 1 high school credit on your homeschool transcript for the school year they just completed.

Is there a summer college credit program we should know about?


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

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  1. Three of my kids attended Lee’s Summer Honors last summer and we were so impressed that they are heading there this fall as full time students after accumulating 40-60 dual enrollment credits each at home. It’s a neat program that had great spiritual impact. Highly recommend! We also love Lee’s family discount—25% off tuition after the first student when attending at the same time. We grew our family by adopting five (unrelated) kids very close in age so the family discount really comes in handy!

    1. I love when colleges offer a family discount and thank you so much for taking the time to share your story!! I hope others are encouraged by your experience there.

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