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Help! ASU Universal Learner Two-Factor Authentication?

Arizona State University uses Two-Factor Authentication for increased security when logging into their systems. Students have the option to receive a call, verify via a DUO push, or enter a passcode from either a Text or Duo after they have logged in with the ASURITE ID and password. The authentication options menus are visible when logging into their system.

What is DUO Mobile?

DUO Mobile is an application for your device, such as a mobile phone. It allows students to complete the 2nd portion of the authentication via a DUO Push, or a randomly generated temporary passcode from the DUO App. For example, here we have selected DUO Push:

Next, a message will pop up on your phone asking you to verify you are logging into a device:

Click Approve, and your log-in is completed.

The second option with DUO Push is to receive a passcode that changes with each refresh and type that into the ASU login window. In this case, you would select Passcode on the computer, then open the DUO app on your phone, hit Refresh Passcode and it will give you a temporary 6 digit code to enter on the computer, then click Log In on the computer.

One could also click Passcode and request that a text message be sent to a device that is already set up in their system, by clicking the blue and white button on the lower right-hand corner “Text me new codes”.

Call Me

If the student selects “Call Me”, the system will call the phone number set up as a device in the Two-Factor Authentication system. When you receive the call, it’ll ask you to push # if it’s you trying to log in, or press 5 to report that someone is trying to access your account w/o your permission. When you press # it’ll say you can go ahead and login now.

How to set up a new device:

Select “Add a New Device” from the choices on the left side of the box visible at login.

Students are presented with the option to add a new device – a cell phone is a good choice, so you can receive a call, a passcode via text or DUO app, or a DUO push later, should you need to renew the connection. I recommend setting up your cell phone AND installing/setting up DUO. Follow the prompts to set up your new device.

Select the authentication method. I prefer to have it ask me to choose my authentication method (you choose what you like):

You’ll need to download the DUO app on your phone if you choose to use that method. The DUO app can be in your phone’s App Store.

During the setup process of DUO Mobile, you’ll be given a QR code to scan with the app, which connects the ASU system to the DUO Mobile App:

Once it’s set up, you can ask for a DUO Push, shown in the examples above, that asks you to click Yes if it’s you logging in. It’s quick and easy to log in after that.

Renewing Two-Factor Authentication on existing device(s):

If your DUO authentication has expired, the DUO app will say that they need to be reconnected. That’s when you’ll use this option.

Select “My Settings & Devices” from the choices on the left side of the box.

Both of these choices will have a box with options to call, enter a code, or get a push from DUO. You can use any of the methods discussed above. At this point, you can select to reconnect DUO. The system should show you a QR Code that you can scan with the DUO Mobile App to reconnect to ASU.

Once this is complete, the user can use DUO Mobile as their second method of authenticating in the ASU system.

Known Issue:

Students should get into the habit of logging out of the ASU UL system and then logging back in prior to an exam. Some students have had issues with being kicked out during an exam or while setting up for the exam, which can be very unnerving for an already nervous student. Following are a couple of comments from members of our ASU group for homeschoolers:

Two-Factor Authentication / Logged out during exam

K.S.: have the student log out of ASU and log back in prior to taking exams. The ASU 2Factor Authentication runs out after 7 days. You do NOT want it to run out in the middle of an exam!

S.L.: “Has anyone’s child been logged out while taking a proctored exam? My son was taking the Math 117 final and when he just had a few questions left, it logged out and he had to log back in. Will this be an issue?”
Follow-up: “I reached out to Derek (, Derek left ASU) and he was pretty confident it would be ok and actually my son just now received notice that he met all of the proctored exam requirements. That was fast! We didn’t expect to find out until next week!”

Troubleshooting ASU’s 2FA

This tip from HS4CC member Kristin G. might help!

“After TONS of trouble, I finally figured out our issue was with the content restrictions I had on our devices via screen time to limit adult websites. So I had to add the URL to “always allow” and that finally fixed our 2-factor problems. Just thought I’d share!”

Are you having an issue w/2FA? ASU’s Two-Factor Authentication FAQ Page might help!

This is another great reason why students should try to complete any proctored exams during the week, preferably by Friday of exam week, rather than waiting until the weekend, when less support is available.

What is the ASU UL Program?

If you’d like to learn more about the Arizona State University Universal Learner Program, this is a great place to start.

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