4 thoughts on “March Celebration!

  1. My daughter has had an amazing whirl wind few weeks. She is graduating in May with her assoc. of science and hs diploma, got accepted into her #1 choice university( where they are accepting nearly all of her de credits) , found out she was awarded a full ride to that university, was nominated by a faculty member at the local cc where she is dual enrolled for an award and was just notified she was chosen to do freshman research with a mentor at her future university. She is on cloud 9 and so happy that all her hard work is paying off.

    1. Jennifer- HOME RUN!!! Her life has changed forever. I just can’t even imagine a better scenario!?!? She’ll have 2 degrees, graduate debt free from her top choice, and getting special attention for her hard work. Well done <3

  2. A motivated high school junior. To my surprise my DD has earned 45 college credits and she is still motivated to keep going. The biggest accomplishments she had this month was passing the college level probability and statistics class. I thank the Lord for giving her motivation. I could have never imagine my DD multitasking in finishing her junior year high school assignments and tackling college classes.

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