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Gimme More! Extra Benefits when you Enroll in ASU’s Universal Learner Program

Arizona State University’s Universal Learner program is one of our favorite ways for students to earn college credit. It allows students to quickly and easily dip a toe in the college credit waters without the risk of failure affecting the student’s GPA, and without the red tape commonly found with local colleges. But did you know there are a few “extras” available to UL program students?

  • ASU 360 Life Services: “360 Life Services is a comprehensive support program that offers free, 24/7 counseling and crisis intervention in person or by phone. You can also chat at your convenience with topic specialists in legal, personal finance, childcare, education, and more. This confidential resource supports your education, career, and personal needs.” You can find more information in the student dashboard on the UL portal.
  • Guaranteed and Automatic ASU Admission. Use the MyPath2ASU program to earn automatic admissions to Arizona State University after earning 24 college credits through the ASU UL program with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • A permanent email address! (not all colleges allow this, so this is an especially nice benefit!) .edu email addresses give students access to lovely external benefits like:
    • Amazon Prime Students, which itself offers more lovely benefits like:
      • 6 months free, then $7.49/mo ($89.98/year, but if you use the discounts below, it pays for itself!)
      • Amazon Music Unlimited for .99cents/mo = $11.88/YEAR
      • Prime Video Channels like Showtime for .99 cents/mo = $11.88/YEAR
      • Free GrubHub+ Student membership including unlimited free delivery from their favorite restaurants. This says it’s available for a limited time, and is good for as long as you maintain an account.
    • Student software discounts from companies like Adobe Creative Cloud – get full access to all of their products for $19.99/mo with a student email address.
  • Access to a full semester of tutoring for courses taken through the UL program for just $25! You can read more about this program in our post “ASU’s NEW Tutoring Program for Universal Learner College Courses”
  • Access to the ASU online library, which has full digital access to periodicals with pay-walls such as: the Economist, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, along with thousands of journals, newspapers, and periodical subscriptions. Accessible through the MyASU link in the portal. This is a GREAT place to look for scholarly journals for your papers and research!
  • Access to a variety of apps via the regular ASU portal (MyASU link). Note that some are restricted to full ASU students and/or students enrolled in specific programs or courses within the university. As an ASU UL student (ONLY) we are considered “visiting students” rather than fully enrolled students, so some access is restricted. We haven’t tested every application, but here are a few things we looked at that appeared to be available to ASU UL students also:
    • Oracle SQL Developer, with access to things like RStudio, VS Code, etc:
    • Logger Pro for Data Collection and Analysis
    • LabView (visual programming environment by NI. If your student participates(ed) in FIRST Lego League, the drag and drop programming interface is a small Lego specific version of LabView)
    • And much more! Search for in MyApps.
  • Starbucks College Achievement plan (after high school)- earn your ASU degree for free! Yes, really. Starbucks College Achievement Plan
  • HS4CC ASU Facebook group. We have a wonderful and active group of HS4CC parents taking full advantage of this program and supporting each other on the way!
  • HS4CC ASU Portal We are honored that ASU has granted our little community our very own ASU portal! HS4CC does not have a financial relationship with ASU, so we do not benefit one way or the other by your use (or not) of it. But, when you register for your ASU UL classes through this portal, you can get access to special features like beta classes, privately offered or limited edition classes, and announcements that may not yet be public. We encourage you to use the portal since it’s uniquely ours!

NOTE: some features are available through the standard ASU UL program portal (ASU UL students only) while others are available by following the MyASU link in the far upper right corner of the ASU UL portal (all ASU students).

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