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Let’s Play a Game! Name that Occupation

The rules are simple- use the US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook (linked) and the clues I provide to see if you can figure out the 3 occupations I’ve found! This game will help you learn to navigate my FAVORITE website in the whole wide world, and I hope you’ll find it fun too!

To play:

Go to this website: United States Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook

Use the “SELECT OCCUPATIONS BY” tab to explore 800 indexed occupations. You can sort by education, pay, growth rates, and more! Each occupation has 2 clues (in bold) that can help you use the chart, and a few other bits and pieces from their career page. Good luck!

  1. Name that Occupation: ________________________________

High school classes in math, mechanical drawing, and physics may be helpful. After high school, you begin your 4-year paid apprenticeship which includes learning hands-on learning and technical instruction in areas like blue print reading, electrical and digital theory, and safety. As an apprentice, you’ll make 50% of full wage, and receive an increase each year until you become fully trained. Fully trained workers in this field earn about $80,000 This job is not for someone with a fear of heights!

2. Name that Occupation: ________________________________

While you’ll need to earn a Master’s degree and a state license, this job is projected to have one of the highest growth rates of any profession. An average profession grows 8% per year, but this one is growing 45% per year! You might enjoy this occupation if you are caring and sympathetic to others, have sharp critical thinking skills, and can work well with a team. This occupation commands a very high salary, easily over 6-figures.

3. Name that Occupation: ________________________________

This occupation is experiencing a significant decline because the industry is changing. Once a staple in every community, the small shops are experiencing stiff competition against online retailers and large grocery chains. While a high school diploma is the standard, a special talent for color and aesthetic is critical while knowledge and skills are developed on the job. Those who do well in this field enjoy working with people, have a flair for creativity, and have a strong sense of style. You’ll experience the highs of being at someone’s best day, and the lows of being at a family’s worst day.

Let’s hear your guesses! I’ll post the answers soon.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game! Name that Occupation

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