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Upcoming Information Session: GLOBAL SCHOLARS

I’m happy to share an upcoming event with our community. On April 25th at 6:00pm EST we will host a Global Scholars Diploma Information Session. Global Scholars Diploma *used to be* limited to our Ohio families, but now they have expanded onto an online format! If your teen is interested in climate change, immigration, human trafficking, or food security, I think you’ll be interested in this cool opportunity. Potential 2 high school credits.

Global Scholars Program

The program provides your teen an opportunity to increase awareness of global issues, develop citizenship skills, and produce a hands on project during their third year.

Program Website

As your student participates, you will award high school credit. I have learned that many students have done such an outstanding job with their 3rd year project that many have received scholarships and even grants to implement these projects in the “real world.”

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Founded in 1975, the Columbus Council on
World Affairs (CCWA) delivers programs
addressing the world’s most pressing issues, like climate change, immigration, human trafficking, and food security.
helping communities thrive in our global
CCWA launched the Global Scholars Diploma
program in 2013, providing high school
students an experiential approach to global

Year 1

Increase Awareness

Year 1 specifically focuses on building students’ awareness of several global components. Students at this level are exposed to a wide range of global cultures, issues, and careers in order to make them aware of the diverse traditions, experiences, skills, problems, and solutions that exist around the world. Year 1 students have the opportunity to hear informative presentations and to interact with experts in each of these areas, building their overall knowledge of a broad range of topics.

HS4CC recommends awarding 0.5 high school credits in Cultural Diversity

Year 2

Skill Building

In Year 2, the program builds upon the awareness that students gain in Year 1. Students in Year 2 attend similar events that focus on global issues, cultures, and careers, while also taking an eCourse that supports and enhances the topics covered at the face-to-face events. Year 2 is about developing the skills needed to communicate across cultures, to be successful in a global career, and to find solutions to complex issues. The Year 2 events are frequently led by our community partners, such as Community Refugee and Immigration Services (CRIS) and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, who guide the students through interactive group simulations and tasks.

HS4CC recommends awarding 0.5 high school credits in Advanced Cultural Diversity

Year 3

Take Action

The program culminates with a Take Action project in the students’ third and final year that is meant to demonstrate the abilities that they have cultivated over the course of the first two years. Students choose a globally-oriented issue about which they are passionate, and they pursue a leadership role in solving it at a local level. Throughout the project, students are in contact with advisors who guide them through the development and execution of their project, and they ultimately present their experiences to their younger peers and the community at the Year End Showcase events held in April or May.

HS4CC recommends awarding 1.0 high school credits in Cultural Diversity Leadership

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Attend the Global Scholars Diploma Information Session

Thursday, April 25th, 6pm EST

Live on ZOOM

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