April Celebration!

This semester is almost over! Did your teen earn college credit this month?  Did they do something cool?  Share below so we can celebrate with you!

Nothing to share yet? That’s ok, read a few inspirational shares from earlier this year:

My daughter passed the Sociology CLEP with a 65. She had zero knowledge (and zero interest!) in the topic and studied for about a month using Modern States and the REA book.” -Jenny B.

“My son took the wintermester speech class at community college and earned 3 college credits in two weeks.” -Drew P.

“My hs senior had all her credits transfer into her target school (Liberty) and has achieved junior status for next year! I’m so proud of her and she’s thrilled to have saved so much money! -Shannon D.

“My 15 year old started taking college writing 101 and college algebra this semester!!!” -Astrid S.

“My 15 year old son is 9 classes away from a Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Studies.” -Anna S.

“Yes! 4 credits for a personal finance class, she got a 93!” –Jessica S.

“Our oldest just passed his first CLEP test, American History I. He now has 22 college credits!” -Mary M.

“My 14 year old is excited about starting high school in college 😃 I signed up for Aleks Math so she can get a head start on College Algebra.” -Benjamin B.

“My oldest (18) achieved Senior standing at Liberty University and is 2 semester away from her Bachelors in Music! My middle (16) was just accepted into Southern New Hampshire University! 90 of her 105 credits transferred. She’ll be starting her last 10 classes towards her Bachelor of Arts in Game Art & Development! My youngest (14) has earned 80 credits so far and is rockin’ another 7 in Anatomy Physiology, Anatomy Physiology Lab & Government through StraighterLine right now!” -Jennifer T.

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  1. My daughter is graduating in one week summa cum laude with her associates of science and high school diploma! She also received a full ride scholarship and a paid freshman research position at her top choice college! We are so proud and I know homeschooling played a huge role in helping her achieve these accomplishments.

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