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Parent Question: Can I leave an “F” off their transcript?

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HS4CC parent asks “I have a question about Fs on a transcript. My kids are with a virtual charter and last year, they both struggled so much with online coursework that now we have some grades to recover. I’m wondering if it would be possible to expunge those grades after the credit is recovered...(continues)

(continued) …I’m doubtful that the charter school can do it, but is it possible for me to pull them totally from the charter school and have them spend their last two years just as home schooled students with a homeschool transcript, and then present the transcript based on credits earned, without reporting the failed grades? I don’t know what the best approach is.”

Whoever verifies the graduation and issues the diploma is the one who decides what appears on a transcript. If you stay at the charter school (or any school) their process for removing or repeating or replacing grades is going to be the protocol, but if you homeschool, it’s your decision.

As the high school of record, it is your high school’s transcript that “accepts transfer credit” from prior classes. You determine what “counts” at your high school (homeschool). Bring in prior credits as you like, leave others off if you want, but you’ll want to create a transcript that represents all 4 years of high school.

Replacing a credit

When you replace a credit, it’s simple to just have your teen take the class again. In the case of one of my sons, he retook Prealgebra three (!) times, but as with many homeschooling families, we want our kids to learn something well before we move on. In a group school, that opportunity is missing, so a student is awarded a lower grade and continues to move forward. This is one of the reasons many parents choose to start homeschooling, so I completely understand this frustration.

With a high school student, whether or not to replace (or just remove) is really your call. There is a limited number of hours in a day, so as graduation approaches, you’ll have to make some decisions about replacing vs. removing. Since you asked my advice, if I were in your shoes, I would replace… but not with high school credit. I would replace with college credit. This helps in 3 important ways:

  1. College credit earned through a college class accumulates faster- it only takes 1 semester of a college course to yield 1 high school credit, so you’re not burning 2 semesters to replace that credit. (1 high school credit = 1 college class)
  2. Taking advantage of the accumulation gain by using a college class, your teen can usually get the same credit in a fraction of the time required to earn a high school class. (Summer college classes are usually only 8 weeks long!)
  3. If the class your teen needs to replace is also similar to a class they’ll need in college or trade school, you can kill 2 birds with one stone by using a college class. Bonus if this is an option to you for free or reduced tuition.

Leave it Off

This isn’t a terrible option, especially if it’s a class that will only be for high school credit, isn’t an essential subject, and your teen won’t need it for a college admissions requirement later. If the course in question is Home Ec., I’d leave it off. If it’s Math, replacement is better.

Nuances to consider

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