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Monthly Computer Panel: Programming, Robotics, and more!

Register now for our monthly Computer Panel! This month’s special guest speaker is Dr. Patrick Michaud! His resume includes vast technical experience in many fields, including international lead developer for Perl 6, programming professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, and robotics! Our monthly “town-hall-style” panel will bring HS4CC families face to face and one on one with experts from all over the world to provide insight and guidance in the different aspects of computer science and technology-based careers.

May Topic: Programming

May Special Guest: Dr. Patrick Michaud

Dr. Patrick Michaud has been programming professionally since the 1980s; he worked as a professor teaching programming at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, where he also ran numerous research projects.  He continues to be a resource for tidal analysis in the Gulf of Mexico.  Dr. Michaud continues to do programming and software development in a wide variety of fields.

For a decade he served as the international Lead Developer for Perl 6 / Raku (a well-known scripting language) and continues to be invited as a guest speaker at Perl conferences.   

Until recently Dr. Michaud served as the Assistant Director for the Science and Engineering Education Center at the University of Texas at Dallas, where he coordinated the delivery of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and other robotics competitive events in North Texas.  Patrick teaches robotics courses for coaches and teachers for FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST LEGO League (FLL). 

Dr. Michaud is also the head coach for FTC 7172 Technical Difficulties, a top-10 worldwide team that has advanced to the World Championship seven times.  His FLL team (now retired) won the top programming award at the World Championship and the Design Award at the North American Championship.

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