Thank you!

In 2012, I asked my husband to start following my new Facebook page so I could have a follower. You need one to get to two, and you need two to get to three, and if you have a dozen you’ll be taken more seriously, and if you’re taken more seriously you can help more people. It blew my mind when 100 parents were following HS4CC on Facebook, but it confirmed for me something I knew intuitively when I started: your people will find you- don’t try and convince someone to be in your audience.

Since day 1, I’ve never allowed advertising and I’ve never chased the “likes” because it’s not important to me that MANY people like or approve or support Homeschooling for College Credit. What’s always been the most important to me is that the people who ARE here and who WANT support always get my full attention – and that’s a different focus than promoting and growing a brand.

Still, I am exceptionally encouraged to share with you that TODAY we hit 25,000 followers on Facebook. I’m so honored. Thank you!



Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit