Parent Question: College Science with Lab Grade?

How does the grading system work for a science linked with a lab? Are they graded separately or together?

If your teen has to register for 2 classes, they’ll get 2 grades. You’ll also have to pay for 2 classes, possibly have fees for 2 classes, possibly have book or supplies requirements for 2 classes. It’s also possible that there could be 2 different teachers, though the classes are intended to be taken at the same time, they may not match up perfectly! You could also notice that the class is online but the lab is in person. There are a lot of variables, your lab might not even be on the same campus as your lecture class. Be sure to understand that your teen will be responsible for all of the content for both classes. Here are 2 different ways you might see a biology class:

Option 1: as 2 classes (register for 1 or both)

  • BIO101 Introductory Biology, 3 credits
  • BIO101L Introductory Biology Lab, 1 credit

Option 2: as 1 class

  • BIO101 Introductory Biology with Lab, 4 credits

When you see the class offered as a single class for 4 credits, this means that you have 1 teacher and will get 1 grade. There can still be a lot of variations for meeting times of the lab, so don’t forget to check, but in general, this will be pretty straightforward.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit