Summer Break – Live Class Hiatus

Did you know, Homeschooling for College Credit has offered 60 free and affordable LIVE classes to you this year!? The best thing that came out of COVID for me was adding Zoom to the list of tools that allow me to bring you new resources.

Between myself and the leadership team at HS4CC, we have worked so very hard to keep the classes and workshops coming to you weekly at full speed. Whew I’m ready for some new classes!


I’m pausing LIVE classes for this summer (June-July-August) while I work to build new classes for 2022-2023!

But don’t panic, if you haven’t already watched our existing catalog of workshops and classes, you can use this time to get caught up! Who needs to binge-watch Netflix when you can watch the ASU Universal Learner workshop or Max CLEP in Your Homeschool??? <smile>


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit