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I read an interesting article about Professor Spike Lee (yes, Academy Award Winner is also a professor at New York University). This got me wondering… are there celebrities who teach dual enrollment courses?

Spike Lee is a professor at NYU, but you’ll have to be a 3rd year graduate film student to get an advising appointment. He teaches the course “Directing Strategies” and can you imagine? Seriously, wow. Who better to learn directing strategies from than an Academy Award winning director? I found a handful of instances in which celebrities taught or teach classes. Dr. Maya Angelo taught poetry at Wake Forest University until 2014, but Wake Forest is elite and costs $83,000 per year. Matthew McConaughey is a full time professor at University of Texas-Austin, but his classes are only open to Radio-Television-Film Majors. What about our high school students? Can they learn from celebrity professors?

I hope someone reading this can find an opportunity I missed, but I couldn’t find a single class that our dual enrollment students could take from a celebrity…. but….

This is not for college credit, but if your student enjoys video-based learning, you can award them high school credit by using courses from either of the 2 leading online platforms. Check out Edu Test Labs if you want to read a really great comparison of these two platforms.

WONDRIUM (Formerly Great Courses Plus)

Not “celebrities” in the way we know the word, but Wonderium uses many professors who are literally thought-leaders at the top of their field. Wondrium is a subscription, and usually offers a free trial for the first month. I like that you can watch this on your smart TV or computer, and I like that the courses are set up like courses. Each course has a downloadable workbook that you can print, giving you the change for a much more academic feel about the whole thing. Prior to the name change, my family used a LOT of these courses in our homeschool- easily more than 20 through the years. They’ve been around a long time and area always top quality.

Almost every class on WONDRUIM can fit into a traditional high school program.

Sample (note: I used this class when I was studying Anatomy & Physiology. I found this class helped me so much that I recommend every time I hear someone is studying A&P. Dr. Goodman is excellent!)


MasterClass is the predecessor to Outlier, one of the recommended college credit options on the Homeschooling for College Credit list! MasterClass is also a subscription and video-based. You can also watch these on your smart TV or computer. The line up here is less academic and more entertainment- you’ll find a lot of personal interest courses. This is not to detract from the expertise of the “teachers” because the teachers here are all considered to be the cream of the crop. You can also download a workbook for each class, giving you an opportunity for a more academic feel. Here is a small sample of some of their classes that may line up with your high school curriculum.

CourseTeacherHigh School Field
Inclusive LeadershipBill ClintonElective
Cooking I, Cooking IIGordon RamseyElective
Voice as InstrumentMariah CareyFine Arts
WritingMalcolm GladwellLanguage Arts
ConservationDr. Jane GoodallScience
Investigative JournalismBob WoodwardLanguage Arts
PhotographyAnnie LeibovitzElective
Mathematical ThinkingDr. Terence TaoMathematics


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