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May Celebration!

We want to hear your wins!  Did your teen earn college credit this month?  Did they graduate high school?  Did they earn a degree? May usually has some really amazing stories! I can’t wait to hear yours!!

“Our 18yo son (rising senior) completed MAT171 and aced it!” -Carrie Y

“‘J’ and ‘E’ graduated from high school and with an Associate of Science from Charter Oak State College. Their diplomas from COSC arrived in the mail a few days later and fit nicely in the diploma cover that I got for their high school diploma.” -Jeanine L.

Both of my sons graduated from college, both with honors and both as outstanding students. My oldest was accepted into the (dual enrollment) program his senior year and graduated last night with his Associates of Applied Science degree in Building Construction Technology. My youngest entered dual enrollment after his Sophomore year and completed high school in 3 years. At 18, he graduated last night with his Associates of Applied Science degree in Information Computer Technology. He will be entering Eastern Carolina University in the fall as a Junior to continue his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology for Information Computer Technology degree.” -Jackie in NC

“HS4CC posts has made dual-enrollment a much less scary prospect, and allowed 4 of our older children to have college credits at homeschool high school graduation.” -Hannah C.

Other inspiring stories

We just saved $96,780

I have to share my correspondence with one of our Minnesota members. She has graciously agreed to let me post it here: “With CLEP and PSEO (dual enrollment), I just calculated we are saving $96,780 at the University of Northwestern St. Paul. 1/3 of that is in CLEP alone: 32 credit hours, which is about…

Hannah’s Story: Bachelor’s Degree at 18

As the school year comes to an end, our normal monthly celebrations are not only including college credit celebrations, but GRADUATION stories too! Hannah Joy from Florida sent me her Homeschooling for College Credit graduation story, and while she gave me permission to cut and trim, I decided that each and every word she wrote…

Joshua’s Story: Master’s Degree up Next

Iron sharpens iron, and in today’s post, I want to feature a family that took resourceful high school planning seriously, and just knocked it out of the park. He took his first CLEP exam at age 12 and has started his Master’s degree. His mom shares how they did it.

Lisa’s Story: Son with Autism

I received this message from Lisa F. through our Facebook page… I just wanted to share my Homeschooling for College Credit stories with two different children. My older son is 21 and a junior in college. He was diagnosed with high-functioning autism finally at age 18. This diagnosis afforded him accommodations as a college student,…

Mary Margaret’s Story: 100 Credits and Counting

I want to introduce you to a rising 12th grader named Mary Margaret. I met her mom before COVID, back when my local public library allowed me to give free college workshops to the homeschool community in person. Since my audience is typically only adults, it’s always a pleasant surprise to meet a teen, but…

Melissa’s Story: High School Senior to College Senior in 2 Weeks

Resourceful high school planning…. what is that exactly? It’s being deliberate about how you choose your teen’s high school classes so they are doing double duty- counting for high school AND college. Read this inspirational post from HS4CC parent Melissa and how her son’s high school credits took “two birds-one stone” to the next level…

Robert’s Story: BS from Bluefield College at Age 18

I love when parents send in their teen’s stories- it always feels so inspirational to read how they made it happen. Today’s share is from Brenna whose son Homeschooled for College Credit in high school and is now a college graduate at age 18! Student loan debt: $0

Sean’s Story: CLEP was a Game-changer

I am thrilled to share with you this homeschooling success story of how Sara used CLEP in her homeschool with her son Sean during 11th (and now 12th) grade. She posted her celebration inside our Illinois HS4CC Facebook group and gave me permission to share it with you here. I know you’ll find it as…

Wyatt’s Story: It wasn’t easy getting this kid graduated!

I’m thankful when parents send me their stories, and I’m especially thankful when they are honest and transparent with the CHALLENGES they’ve encountered along the way. It is especially important to acknowledge that earning college credit can be hard work, but finishing a degree (in high school no less) is exceptionally hard! I hope you’ll…


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