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BREAKING NEWS: CSM Learn is now SeeMore Impact Labs!

CSM Learn (ACE evaluated) is now SeeMore Impact Labs

HS4CC parents are long-time fans of their $39 math course- a huge favorite!

press release:

“We are a new nonprofit that has been created to take on the activities and staff of CSMlearn – all the same people, products and services, and relationships as before, but with a new name and clearer mission. We are excited to start this new chapter!

Becoming a nonprofit has been a goal of CSMlearn since its inception. As a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, CSMlearn acknowledged many stakeholders other than shareholders, including employees, partners, vendors, students and organizational clients, our community of Boulder, Colorado, and planet Earth. Mission was always central to our decision-making process, and the shareholders all agreed to reorganize as a nonprofit.

What is your mission?

In short, SeeMore Impact Labs is a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation that invents, develops, and delivers human-centered solutions to help people and communities thrive.  

For a full description of our mission, click HERE.

Who’s in charge?

David Goldberg (former CEO of CSMlearn) is now the CEO of SeeMore Impact Labs.

We’re excited to introduce our new Board! Jan Bray, Edward Dunar, Miriam Goldberg, Michael Meaney, and Jacqueline Smith will be working to define our mission and strategic direction. Learn more about their backgrounds HERE.

Why “SeeMore Impact Labs”?

“SeeMore” is an homage to our founders’ father/father-in-law, Seymour Benzer. Learn about his impact on science and personal story and why we we’re inspired by him HERE.

We have a new look and website!

Please spend some time and scan through our new website. There’s more information on our products and services, a new implementation page, a collection of downloadable documents, a FAQs page, and more.

Keep track of us as we expand our efforts

We are in the midst of a number of initiatives that we believe will increase our reach many-fold in the next year. We should be making these public in the coming months, and to keep abreast, please visit the Contact Us page and fill in the form to receive our newsletters. We look forward to our continuing relationships with friends and partners, and look forward to expanding our community in the future.”


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