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Facebook Group Policy Change


The ambassador affiliate program through Studycom pays people each time they post the name Study(dot)com on a website, blog, Facebook page, etc. You can imagine how casually these links can be shared because it’s *literally* their name.

If that company is a favorite of yours, and you love to share to others, that is wonderful – I hope you make lots of money. However, you can’t share affiliate links inside any HS4CC group.

Obviously, people getting paid to give comments/ advice inside any of the HS4CC groups are not going to be allowed because of the nature of our community.

Moving forward, when you refer to Studycom in our HS4CC Facebook groups, you’ll need to do so in a way that does not generate the link. You can say “studycom” or “study” or “study(.)com” or any creative thing you can think of – but posting the ACTUAL link will be removed.

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