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Parent Question: We live out side the USA, how can we earn college credit?

What do you recommend as the best way to research options/tackle dual credit as Americans living out of the US? Our daughter is homeschooling and will attend college in the USA, but right now we live abroad. I’m not sure of the how to figure out our options as they won’t be related to living in a particular state (although we do own land in XX and use my parents address in XX as a mailing address in the USA…not sure if either of those makes any difference?). Thanks for any guidance!


Thanks for reaching out! I’ll try to help.

First, since you may qualify as a resident in one of the states, my first suggestion is to find out if you qualify for local (but online) dual enrollment as a resident. In both states you mentioned, dual enrollment is free, so if you can go through the eligibility process and qualify, that’s going to make the most sense.

Second, you can also look at out of state options. As an example, West Virginia University only charges $25 per credit and is open to anyone in any location, so that’s by far the most affordable option I can suggest. You can live anywhere! Here is my list of out of state dual enrollment colleges: HS4CC 2022 Out-of-State Dual Enrollment List

Third, CLEP & DSST exams can be taken anywhere in the world, but not remotely- you’ll have to go in person to take an exam. (DSST remote options are limited to military and CLEP remote options are limited to inside the USA) Pro tip: check your nearest military base. They almost always offer CLEP or DSST or both! If you can find a CLEP testing center within a reasonable drive, your teen can accumulate an unlimited amount of CLEP credit for *free* by leveraging the Modern States prep program. Modern States: How to Take a CLEP for Free!

Finally, even if you’re not a military family, you’re welcome to join our military family group.  Why? Because almost everyone in that group is living outside the USA and may have extra tips that I forgot to mention. Join Our Community


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3 thoughts on “Parent Question: We live out side the USA, how can we earn college credit?

  1. Hello! I just wanted to pass on to you that my daughter graduated high school in November and is graduating from Liberty University this month with her Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies (Communications/Business/Bible). The information and resources gleaned from your site were very beneficial in making this happen! During the free Sophia offerings in 2020, she completed nine courses (she is a speed reader). Her brother completed seven (he speed reads as well), and her sister (who does not speed read) five. I believe we heard about that deal from your site. Thank you!!!

    She won a speech scholarship and will be cashing out with money to bring home, zero debt, and for literally pennies on the dollars others usually spend. Thanks so much in being a part of her story!

    ~ Christine Kastens ________________________________

    1. Christine, now THAT’S how it’s done!!! So she’s earned her degree and the college is giving her cash. It’s like when an extreme couponer buys a shopping cart full of groceries and the store gives her $10 😉 I love that, congratulations!!

    2. Since you’ve already shared this here, would you mind if I add your story to the blog? Yours is the first story I’ve heard where the student got an overage!! <3

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