HS4CC Celebrate Together

For those of you without Facebook, I wanted to share some of the encouraging wins posted to the main page this past month! Someday we’ll do the math, but I’m pretty sure this community has saved over a million dollars in college tuition!

Mary M.
Our oldest completed his DE Pre Calculus class. Although he struggled, he passed with a B. We were so happy! Now praying that he can pass calculus in the fall.

Wendy B.
my oldest is graduating after being homeschooled all the way from K and is in the honor society at her local community college having finished 24 credits.

Nicole H.
My son graduated from Colorado State University with dual degrees (history and political science with an Evonomics minor). He did this in 2 years after completing his associates the summer after high school graduation. We never intended to do the associates part, even got into dual credit late (winter of junior year) but when the pandemic hit, my kids just kept taking online classes. We ended up with an accidental associates. 😂 Dual Credit was free for us so this ended up being like a 50% scholarship. On top of his regular scholarship. I’m forever grateful for learning how to do this here. Dual credit made my kids extra prepared for college and really provided an extra oomph to their transcripts.

Elana B.
My daughter graduated high school this month while also earning her AA degree from Charter Oak State College. She used 31 credits from dual enrollment at our local community college and the rest was from Study .com. Thanks for all your help and guidance!

Elizabeth S.
16 year old completed her remaining HS requirements but will continue taking dual enrollment and study classes next year. So far she has 82 credits that will go toward a BA in psychology likely through Excelsior.
13 year old son passed both Ed Psychology and Sociology and is now studying for American Gov. Currently he has 9 CLEP credits and hopes to pursue engineering with Arizona State.

Carrie R.
My son finished his second semester of full time college (11th grade). Half way through his associates. It’s amazing to me.

Jenny W.
My daughter graduated high school and college this month! She’s 17 and earned 120 dual enrollment credits over the last 4 years earning her BS in Applied Math with a Computer Science minor from MSU Denver.

Chrystal S.
My 16 year old just graduated from high school and Dallas College with an associate’s in Political Science. He’s taking 87 credits with him to Arizona State University in the fall to finish up his bachelor degree in history. 🙂

Courtney B.
My 16 year old son completed 2 dual enrollment courses- Filmmaking and Ethics- and also completed all of his high school requirements with 80 potential college credits as well! We’re going to continue to consider him a high school student for another year to take advantage of more dual enrollment classes.
Currently he has finished most of his Gen Eds and is working on the statistics. com courses toward a degree at TESU in Data Science and Analytics.

Andrea L.
My son just graduated from our homeschool high school and Dallas College with honors and his AA. He is bringing 73 very carefully planned credits into his 4yr degree in cybersecurity at a local college. His degree is comprised of 4 CLEPs, and credit from ASU UL ea.asu.edu/partners/hs4cc and 2 local CC’s. He also landed an external scholarship that, when combined with the AOTC tax credit and a small 529, makes his Bachelor’s degree free! ❤️
Your book was pivotal in our homeschool journey. When I read your book, it felt like when Neo gets his first download in The Matrix and says “I know Kung Fu!” Your book and your state and subject groups were instrumental in our successful journey. I can’t thank you enough!! ❤️❤️

Angela L.
Mine graduated high school with 26 dual enrollment credits that she’s taking to a 4 yr university. They transferred seamlessly and we’re so happy she has most of her first year completed. A huge savings for us!!

Clodyne S.
15 year old son 51 credits and counting!

David & Carol E.
Son, 21, just finished his last final for a BA in Mathematics at TESU! Used CLEP and DSST to save a bunch of $ throughout.

Scott & Anna S.
My teens graduated high school last December at 14 & 16, they will graduate with their BS in Liberal Studies through Excelsior College December 2022 🙂 They’ve absolutely loved taking college classes in middle school/high school. It will cost roughly 7,500 for each kiddo, unless they get financial aid or scholarships for the last 7 credits they will be taking starting Fall Semester 1.

Desirae C.
Thank you for doing this for so many people. I am so grateful.

Jessica M.
You and your tireless effort to help homeschool families is definitely something to be commended! My oldest graduated with 4 classes/CLEPs completed (he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to do more) and is now thriving as he completes his freshman year at Liberty University (online) with straight A’s. My next is getting ready to to do her first 4 CLEP exams with the goal of three more over the summer! Without your page and book I would never have known this was an option! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have two younger boys who will probably benefit the most from this! Let’s pray modern states is still going when the toddler is old enough to start!

Emily M.
That’s great! My son has a similar story. His college journey began at 12 as well. He just graduated with a dual major bachelors at 18 last weekend and starts grad school in August, debt free.

Lindsey S.
My son is wrapping up his high school experience and will be applying a total of 76 college credits earned during high school to his BS degree starting this summer!

Amber B.
My daughter was surprised to receive the North West Arkansas Community College Presidential Concurrent Scholar award in the mail. She also received a cord to wear at her graduation. She is graduating with 57 college credits.

Jennifer T.
Daughter 1 is finishing another 8 credits in Music. She has 1 class left to complete LU Certificate in Music. She was also accepted into the BA in Music at TESU, only 7 classes left. And applied to the Jacksonville Youth Symphony Orchestra.
Daughter 2 is finishing her last 3 credits in World Hx from StraighterLine for HS Graduation & working on Udemy Animation classes as preparatory for SNHU BA in Game Art & Animation. We’re planning a Big Grad Party for her next month!
Daughter 3 has completed 7 more SL credits, listened to a few Coopersmith Lectures, working through CSM Math & started Human Growth & Dev on Study. She’s mapped a BA in Psychology from Excelsior and only has her Major & Residency required courses left. This Mom has been busy planning our summer & fall schedules. 😊

Elana B.
My daughter is graduating high school in May and will also be receiving her Associates degree from Charter Oak State College. I can’t believe this whole crazy plan I learned about a few years ago actually worked!!

Shannon D.
My oldest worked so hard and was just accepted into the film program at Liberty University. She needed specific classes in order to get in this fall and the program only starts in the fall. It took a whole bunch of back and forth with the program director but she did her interview last week, was accepted, and is now registered as a junior in college for her classes. She graduates high school next month. I’m so proud of her and myself for figuring it all out lol.

Jennifer L.
I have a 16 year old son and an 18 year old son graduating with their Associates degree on May 12th. I’m so glad I found your book years ago. We stayed the course and now they reap the reward of a completely free associates degree and they start college already halfway done. It’s really been a huge blessing!

Kee B.
My oldest son just finished his freshman year of high school with 16 college credits. (Intro to Bio with lab, Intro to Chem with lab, Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 courses) Rounding him out to 25 college credits so far.
So proud of him.🥳

Angie C.
Our oldest graduates in two weeks with his Associates Degree and two days later we confer his High School diploma with our homeschool co-op! He will transfer all of his credits to Liberty University where he will begin as a Junior. He has worked diligently to accomplish his goal and due to this community he added courses from Arizona State University and several NC Community colleges as he obtained his Associates for our local community college. When he couldn’t get the class needed from the college that semester he was resourceful and looked to Arizona State or other online programs in our community college system. We learned about all of these options through Homeschooling for College Credit and we are so grateful for the information. We told him it is as if he just received a huge scholarship to start as a Junior. He even graduates from his community college with Honors as a Phi Theta Kappa member. We are very proud of him and thankful for this community!


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit