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Find College Credit: Business

Looking for college credit in Business? We have a list!

Step 1: Look local! Your local community college may offer dual enrollment courses to high school students, and sometimes for reduced for free tuition! Local community colleges will have “excellent” transferability -the highest level.

Step 2: Look at our out of state dual enrollment list. The colleges on this list will have “excellent” transferability- the highest level.

BUS101: Introduction to BusinessSaylor Academylimited
BUS103: Introduction to Financial AccountingSaylor Academylimited
BUS105: Managerial AccountingSaylor Academylimited
BUS202: Principles of FinanceSaylor Academylmited
BUS203: Principles of MarketingSaylor Academylimited
BUS204: Business StatisticsSaylor Academylimited
BUS205: Business LawSaylor Academylimited
BUS206: Management Information SystemsSaylor Academylimited
BUS208: Principles of ManagementSaylor Academylimited
BUS209: Organizational BehaviorSaylor Academylimited
BUS210: Corporate CommunicationSaylor Academylimited
BUS300: Operations ManagementSaylor Academylimited
BUS402: Project ManagementSaylor Academylimited
Intro to Financial Accounting*Outlierexcellent
Intro to Statistics*Outlierexcellent
Principles of Economics*Outlierexcellent
Intro to Microeconomics*Outlierexcellent
Intro to Macroeconomics*Outlierexcellent
Accounting IStraighterlinelimited
Accounting IIStraighterlinelimited
Business CommunicationStraighterlinelimited
Business EthicsStraighterlinelimited
Business LawStraighterlinelimited
Business StatisticsStraighterlinelimited
Introduction to BusinessStraighterlinelimited
Financial AccountingStraighterlinelimited
Managerial AccountingStraighterlinelimited
Organizational BehaviorStraighterlinelimited
Principles of ManagementStraighterlinelimited
Uses of Accounting Information I*ASU ULexcellent
Business Process Management*ASU ULexcellent
Advanced Excel in Business*ASU ULexcellent
Business Data Visualization*ASU ULexcellent
Location Analytics for Business*ASU ULexcellent
Business Intelligence*ASU ULexcellent
Macroeconomic Principles*ASU ULexcellent
Principles of Microeconomics*ASU ULexcellent
Brief Calculus: Calculus for Business*ASU ULexcellent
Financial AccountingCLEP Examgood
Principles of MicroeconomicsCLEP Examgood
Information SystemsCLEP Examgood
Introduction to Business LawCLEP Examgood
Principles of MacroeconomicsCLEP Examgood
Principles of MarketingCLEP Examgood
Principles of ManagementCLEP Examgood
Business CommunicationSophialimited
Business LawSophialimited
Introduction to BusinessSophialimited
Developing Effective TeamsSophialimited
Principles of FinanceSophialimited
Principles of ManagementSophialimited
Project ManagementSophialimited
Foundations of StatisticsSophialimited
Intro to StatisticsSophialimited
Business German*BYUexcellent
Business Spanish*BYUexcellent
Business Arabic*BYUexcellent
Business French*BYUexcellent
Introduction to International Business*BYUexcellent
Spreadsheet Skills & Analysis*BYUexcellent
Managerial Leadership Development*BYUexcellent
Professional Ethics*BYUexcellent
Human Resource Management*BYUexcellent
Money, Banking, and Business*BYUexcellent
Personal Finance*BYUexcellent
Financial Planning*BYUexcellent
Business Law in the Environment*BYUexcellent
Financial Accounting*BYUexcellent
Managerial Accounting*BYUexcellent
Operations ManagementTECEP Examvaries
Negotiations and Conflict ManagementTECEP Examvaries
Sales ManagementTECEP Examvaries
Federal Income TaxationTECEP Examvaries
AdvertisingTECEP Examvaries
Introduction to EntrepreneurshipTECEP Examvaries
Business in SocietyTECEP Examvaries
Financial Institutions and MarketsTECEP Examvaries
Security Analysis & Portfolio Managmt.TECEP Examvaries
Business Ethics in SocietyDSST Examgood
Business MathematicsDSST Examgood
Computing and Information TechnologyDSST Examgood
Human Resource ManagementDSST Examgood
Management Information SystemsDSST Examgood
Introduction to BusinessDSST Examgood
Principles of FinanceDSST Examgood
Money and BankingDSST Examgood
Organizational BehaviorDSST Examgood
Personal FinanceDSST Examgood
Principles of StatisticsDSST Examgood
Principles of SupervisionDSST Examgood
Business 120: International BusinessStudycomlimited
Business 107: Organizational BehaviorStudycomlimited
Business 108: Business EthicsStudycomlimited
Business 113: Business CommunicationStudycomlimited
Business 307: Leadership & Org BehaviorStudycomlimited
Business 103: Introductory Business LawStudycomlimited
Business 110: Business MathStudycomlimited
Business 120: International BusinessStudycomlimited
Business 107: Organizational BehaviorStudycomlimited
Business 108: Business EthicsStudycomlimited
Business 100: Intro to BusinessStudycomlimited
Business 109: Intro to ComputingStudycomlimited
Business 314: Employment LawStudycomlimited
Business 121: Introduction to EntrepreneurshipStudycomlimited
Business 101: Principles of ManagementStudycomlimited
Business 309: Digital Marketing & AdvertisingStudycomlimited
Business 303: Management Info SystemsStudycomlimited
Business 311: Project ManagementStudycomlimited
Business 321: Small Business ManagementStudycomlimited
Business 325: Union & Labor RelationsStudycomlimited
Introduction to MicroeconomicsOnlineDegreecomlimited
Introduction to Marketing & StrategyOnlineDegreecomlimited
Introduction to Accounting & FinanceOnlineDegreecomlimited
*graded regionally accredited credit

BIG PICTURE STUFF: Transferability Key

There are over 30 types and brands of college credit available to your teen- know the differences and understand how each may help you accomplish your family’s goals!  Whether it’s saving money, saving time, or earning admission to your target school – college credit is not created equally.  We’re here to help you sort through…


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