Find College Credit: American Sign Language

Looking for college credit in ASL? We have a list!

Step 1: Look local! Your local community college may offer dual enrollment courses to high school students, and sometimes for reduced for free tuition! Local community colleges will have “excellent” transferability -the highest level.

Step 2: Look at our out of state dual enrollment list. The colleges on this list will have “excellent” transferability- the highest level.

This list could use more providers! If you have a lead for a class, please send me a link to review the class at

*Pierpont C&TC tuition should be $25 per credit for dual enrollment- be sure to confirm.

ASL American Sign Languageprovidertransferability
Deaf Culture & Deaf Studies*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
Intro to American Sign Language*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
ASL Linguistics*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
American Sign Language I*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
American Sign Language I LAB*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
American Sign Language II* Pierpont C&TCexcellent
American Sign Language II LAB*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
ASL Fingerspelling*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
06/2022 ASL is not available through any ACE or NCCRS exam or course. (Studycom, Sophia, Straighterline, Coopersmith, AP, CLEP, DSST, etc.)XX
* graded credit regionally accredited university

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