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High School Planning for DE

A Florida HS4CC parent asks “how do I schedule High School if we plan to dual enroll for 11ᵗʰ and 12ᵗʰ grade? If, for example, we plan to have them take history (or whatever subject) at the community college in a couple of years, one semester of history is equal to a full high-school year? So, in that example they could complete 2 years of history in one school year. How do you handle history for 9ᵗʰ and 10ᵗʰ grades?”

This is a great question, and one that can make parents a little bit crazy! If you use dual enrollment, the typical ratio to follow is 1 college class = 1 high school credit. Or, more accurately 3 college credits = 1 high school credit.

Here is how the two credit scenarios in this question might look on a high school transcript:

High School Coursesemester 1semester 2
American History 0.50.5
Biology with Lab0.50.5
high school sample
College Courses /Dual Enrollmentsemester 1semester 2
HIS110 American History I 1.0
HIS111 American History II1.0
BIO111 Biology I with Lab1.0
BIO112 Biology II with Lab1.0
high school sample

As you can see, the student using dual enrollment is completing high school at twice the speed as the student using only high school classes. Remember, what you decide to do is really up to you- it’s OK for students to graduate high school with a lot of high school or college credit!

  1. If your state has high school graduation requirements, be sure you comply with those above all else.
  2. Technically, if the student in the sample above studied high school subjects in 9th grade and then college subjects in 11th grade, you could list both. This is NOT a duplication of credit since the courses are different.
  3. If you want to streamline the process and remove duplications, a guide to follow loosely is your local community college’s general education list. This can help you pick and choose subjects that can also be used towards a transfer degree.
  4. Bring college credit into your homeschool instead of morphing your homeschool to chase credits or requirements of a single college.

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