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NEW ASU UL Courses for Fall 2022 and beyond!

Jennifer and I met with our contacts at Arizona State University in May, and we have some exciting news to share! Drum roll please…..Below you will find the list of NEW courses being added to the Universal Learner program, that we’ve been authorized to share with you all.

Most are scheduled for release in the Fall of 2022, unless otherwise noted. Do keep in mind that these are estimated launch dates, and nothing is set in stone until they hit the student’s ASU UL dashboard for enrollment. I’ve noted which ones have already shown up on the portal.

  • ENG 194 Poetry in America: Whitman to Hip Hop is back with a 9/12/22 start date. This course is ONLY available to our homeschool community in the HS4CC portal – you will not see it in the main page or portal.
  • ENG101 English Comp 1 self-paced version is currently slated to return Summer B (this is now available on their site)
    Many people have been waiting for the return of this popular self-paced version!
  • COM 225 Public Speaking (now available!)
  • ENG 105 Advanced English Composition
    Here’s a bit of info I found from the English dept to differentiate between ENG 105 and 101/102.
  • HST 100 Global History to 1500 (now available!)
  • HST 109 United States to 1865 (still slated for spring 2023)
  • CHM 101 Intro to Chemistry
  • STP 226 Elements of Statistics will be live sometime in 2023 – I asked which semester, but they do not know yet – I would lean towards later in 2023 based on our convos! (Squee! We’ve been itching to tell you all about this one since we saw it on their list last year!)
  • PHY194 Energy Matters (3) (Physics – Now available!)
  • BIO 130 Environmental Science (Now available!)

Please note that courses ending in 194 are “omnibus courses” that may have rotating topics, so note that when considering them for transfer!

  • CGF 194 Resilient American Futures: An Academic Road Trip
  • UNI 194 Exploring Work Futures: Self-Discovery, Major Choices, and Career Options

And this lovely list of Organizational Leadership courses that lead to a number of degrees, like BA Org Leadership (Project Management), or an Org Leadership concentration in the BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. I’m tickled to see more upper-level courses added to the list! Plus, so many career paths benefit from project management skills! I’m excited about these courses!! Can we also just take a moment to cheer for more upper-level courses, also? Woo hoo!

  • OGL 200 Introduction to Organizational Leadership (now available!)
  • OGL 220 Behavioral Dynamics in Organizations (3) (now available!)
  • OGL 320 Foundations of Project Management (3)
  • OGL 322 Project Time Management
  • OGL 323 Project Cost Management
  • OGL 324 Resources in Project Management


A few answers to questions our members asked in the HS4CC ASU Courses group:

Q: Someone asked about the semester rotation the new BIO 130 Environmental Science will be offered.

A: It’s slated for Fall 2022. We don’t know the rotation/frequency of this offering yet.

Q: In answer to a question about how CHM101 will be presented:
A: “The CHM 101 will be very similar to the BIO beyond structure, produced by the same internal team. 4 credits, Intro to Chemistry w/1 lab credit.” (3+1=4cr total)

Q: In response to my request for syllabi for the new courses coming out, because we know how many people want to review those or send them off to their CC for transfer approval in advance:
A: “Not quite yet, but I should have some available in the summer” (read that as mid-summer – I have since followed up with them for any syllabi, I’ll upload anything sent to us to the HS4CC with ASU Courses Facebook group Files section).


ASU Universal Learner courses appear on your transcript identically to how they appear on the transcript of a fully enrolled ASU student who has taken the course on one of ASU’s campuses.

It is strongly encouraged that you consult with your institution of choice to determine how these credits will be applied to their degree requirements prior to transferring your credit. Most schools have a transfer tool, which you can find by googling <institution name> transfer tool. The transfer tool should list any courses that institution has evaluated for transfer, and how it will transfer into the college of choice. If the course in question is not listed, it probably hasn’t been evaluated by the receiving institution.

Pro Tip: We recommend keeping a copy of all course syllabi for courses taken by your student from all institutions, in case they’re needed to send to their receiving school for transfer evaluation later!


As with all ASU Universal Learner courses, the cost is just $25 to sign up and you pay $400 at the end, only if you like the grade. If you don’t pay there is no record of the course, no record of failure, or record of not completing the course.

What is the UL program?

ASU’s Universal Learner program, formerly known as the Earned Admissions program, is a unicorn in the college world. Students of any age in any part of the world can sign up for regionally accredited (the gold standard) college courses with no hassles, no need to send your transcripts, no red tape, no placement tests, and no risk to a student’s GPA. If the student doesn’t get the grade they want, simply do not pay the $400 at the end of the course and there is no record of the course. Retake the courses as many times as is needed for just a minimal $25 sign-up fee. Find out the full scope of the program.

How to Sign Up

For more detailed information about how to sign up and take courses in the Universal Learner program, formerly known as the Earned Admissions program, please visit our post “How to Sign up for ASU Earned Admissions Courses”

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