90-Day Degree: Pierpont C&TC

Did your teen graduate high school but not finish their degree?

1st cohort starts in September!!

My newest class: 90-Day Degree

I had a homeschool son graduate with college credit… but five years after high school he still didn’t have his degree. He wasn’t even working on it.

Earning college credit isn’t that hard, but finishing a degree takes a lot of hard work and planning. I’ll skip ahead and tell you that eventually my son DID go back to school, but it certainly wasn’t the “easy win” I thought it would be, and there was a lot of anxiety along the way. I do this for a living, it shouldn’t have been so hard!!

I tell you this story because after homeschooling for 26 years, I’ve learned that a person is never alone in their experiences or challenges. There is always more going on behind the scenes. In our community, parents sometimes message me privately when they have a struggle because it can be embarrassing to ask for help in a community full of happy stories and enthusiasm.

When I first found out about the special program offered through Pierpont Community & Technical College, I jumped at the chance for my son to earn his degree because it allowed us to use the college credit he had from high school in a very flexible way. Since then, I’ve experienced the joy of helping many adults earn that degree and use it as a stepping stone for their next big thing.

One of the many things that makes this degree special is that it is for adult learners – specifically those who graduated high school 2 or more years ago (no exceptions). This rules out your teen who is currently in high school, but a hidden gem for your older kids or parents who might have college credit but no degree.

The Board of Governors Associate of Applied Science degree program at Pierpont Community and Technical College is a nontraditional degree completion opportunity.

  • The degree is FREE – Pierpont charges you nothing.
  • Any credits you need will come from alternative college credit sources like Study.com, Sophia, and CLEP (a cost you’ll control).
  • You can choose your own classes or use my list (which are the fastest and easiest).
  • You’ll move at the speed of budget, paying cash at your own pace and to the companies you choose.
  • My class will pace you to complete the degree in 90 days, but you can take up to 1 year to finish if necessary.
  • The class is an opportunity to follow a master plan over 90 days – every day tells you exactly what you’ll need to do and breaks down this degree in simple language.
  • I’ve spelled out exactly what to do, but allow you flexibility within some areas to pick and choose classes that are relevant to your goals.
  • You’ll work independently, but with access to a your classmates.
  • I’ll host periodic group events where you can get support and ask questions.
  • Our group will officially begin September 1, 2022 but you may enroll anytime through November.
  • Taught by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa
  • Enrollment opens September 1 but the waitlist is open now.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

8 thoughts on “90-Day Degree: Pierpont C&TC

  1. Is there a minimum age for this “adult” program—can a 19 y.o. who graduated at age 17 in 2020 qualify? Also, are any classes at Pierpont required? My 19 y.o. has 64 credits at various institutions (York, ASU, Lee U, and CC), but no bundled associates. Transferring with an associates would earn her a extra scholarship, so could this be an option if all her credits are already complete elsewhere? Thanks!

    1. Hi Karyn, they are firm on being 2 years out of high school, and they do not specify a minimum age for eligibility. If your son has 64 credits and it sounds like they are all graded credits, he is almost certainly eligible!! Whether you have him do it with our group or you guys do it on your own, I think he is exactly the kind of candidate they had in mind when they developed this flex degree option. I think he should do it!!

    2. Thanks for responding, Jennifer. I wish Pierpont’s requirements lined up better with what our CC and our target school require. Pierpont wants one more science credit than my daughter has (8 vs. 7) and wants a computer literacy class that her other schools didn’t require. She got 64 credits aiming for our CC’s AA, but found out last week that she only got 61/64 required credits due to two courses they deemed as redundant. If Pierpont’s AA requirements lined up better and checked all of the boxes we’d try to get the AA for scholarship purposes, but since she started her junior year on campus at her target school yesterday it probably won’t work out for her. Three of our kids left the nest this week to live on campus (10 hours from home!), but this Pierpont program is good to know about for my high school freshmen (who are feeling pretty lonely right now). Thanks, Jennifer, for all your help getting so many credits before heading to campus. Between my three college kids (19, 18, 18) they have 64, 46 and 43 credits, knocking off 1.5-2 years of on-campus expenses. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    3. I’m happy to look at her credits and see where she is. The degree is an AAS (not AA) so it doesn’t require science, it allows a single math OR science course (just 1) so it’s super flexible.

    4. Oh, maybe I wasn’t looking at the right requirements. I would be happy to be wrong!

      Going for BA in history, she has:

      9 cr. comm: Eng 1, Eng 2, Speech
      6 math: College Alg + math elective
      7 Science: Physical Science, Biology w/ lab
      3 cr Music Appreciation
      21 cr. Hist: World Hist, US History I & II World Hist, another US Hist, World Civ, world civ (counted as duplicate at CC, but not target school), Hist of Christian Leaders
      3 Sociology,
      3 psychology,
      4 cr. Elem French
      8 cr. Interm. Chinese
      64 credits

    5. Karyn, thanks for typing that out. She literally has 100% of the AAS degree finished. You can submit her transcripts and they will process her admissions and graduation at the same time. They don’t have a residency (where you have to take classes with them) so she doesn’t need my class, she’s already done! If you want to look at the website, this is the degree/program. She can apply, send her transcripts, and the get this degree while she is finishing her history degree. This is exactly what I did for my #2 son while he was working on his BS.

  2. For parents who started their coursework for a degree many years ago, is there an expiration for those credits to count toward this degree?

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