DE of the Week: University of Holy Cross

With thousands of dual enrollment programs available, it’s hard to know if one offers something unique or interesting. Starting this week, I’ll feature a different DE program that has something interesting worth talking about. University of Holy Cross in Louisiana has 3 special attributes: live classes, low price, and developmental courses.

University of Holy Cross (Louisiana)
Private 4-year *religious university

Regionally Accredited
Program Name: Dual Enrollment
Cost $150 per course, 11 credits per term max

Target audience: 11th and 12th grade or earlier with approval and test scores.

Special features: Access to tutors and developmental courses* (rare), some classes meet live on Zoom (hard to find).

Many of the dual enrollment courses are NOT online, which makes them impossible for a student that doesn’t live locally. Check the fall catalog for meeting information. You’re looking for courses that say “online.”

*developmental courses are those that are “pre” college level, which is to say they will not count towards a degree at any college – not at this one or others. You can use these classes in your homeschool for high school credit, but not for college credit.

Interesting & Noteworthy Courses

(fall 2022 catalog)

CHE 141 General Chemistry I, 3 credits (non-lab)
Must have credit in or be currently registered for College Algebra.
Meets each Monday and Wednesday on Zoom

FSI 101 Food Science, 3 credits (online)

SPE 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking, 3 credits (online)

HSC 110 Medical Terminology, 3 credits
Meets each Monday and Wednesday on Zoom

HSC 260 Emerging Infectious Diseases, 3 credits
Meets each Tuesday on Zoom 3 Sec. C1 – T 12:00 – 1:15 PM (Z)

GEO 201 Geography of the US & Canada, 3 credits (online)

More information about this Dual Enrollment program or to apply.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit