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Parent Question: How can I incorporate voice lessons into a class on the transcript?

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How can I incorporate piano or voice lessons into a class on the transcript? At first blush, I would think they would be extracurriculars but it does seem like they might fit as part of a music appreciation class at least?

This is a great question, because the answer helps in a big picture kind of way. (My favorite kind!)

First, let’s break down the term.


First look at the root “curricular” which is relating to the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college. See that “extra” is in addition to/outside the course of study.

If the answers to those questions is “yes” then the study is absolutely “curricular” in your homeschool.

Whether she’s studying math or voice or frogs is irrelevant. In homeschooling, the test of whether or not they are “extra” is up to how you use the activity- not whether or not the subject is x.

The second part of your question

You can certainly blend or combine activities and learning into one course. An example where this is common is Language Arts. A family might have curriculum that teaches writing, another that teaches typing, another that teaches poetry, and then a book for “real” reading, and together this forms a wonderful Language Arts credit.

I sense that your question was more about if you should retitle it to make the activity more legitimate as opposed to developing a music appreciation course. Since music appreciation rarely includes voice lessons, my advice is to keep the courses pure and give them their own entry on her transcript.

I’m including a sample of a real public school High School courses/titles/descriptions that might help you feel more confident in your decision to include it.


Various Choral Ensembles Levels I, II, III, IV

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: open to all students, upper levels based on director approval

This is a performance-based class.  It provides opportunities for performers to increase, develop, and refine performance skills and precision vocally.  Students are required to attend after school events such and concerts and other performances.  Emphasis is placed on increasing music reading skills, diction, intonation, and vocal technique.  Students are required to perform in the concert attire as determined by school.  Grades are based on daily class participation, basic skills tests, class work, and performance participation.  Attention is given to all areas that are essential to membership in a music performance.  Each school offers various ensembles; for more information, contact the individual director.

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