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CLEP for 2022-2023

If you’re thinking about having your teen try a CLEP exam this year, but not sure which one to choose, here are 5 of my recommendations and some resources for each.


These exams are multiple choice tests graded as pass or fail. A numeric score is generated based on the number of questions you got correct and then calculated using a confidential scale that converts that number into a scaled score. Generally, a scaled score of 50 is considered passing. 

Whether you’re 14 or 84, anyone can take any CLEP exam at any time. CLEP scores are saved for 20 years, so even if your child does not attend college in this decade, he has the next two decades to use the credit.

What if your child fails? Good news, it’s okay. Your scores are confidential, and no school will ever see them. Only passing scores are recorded on their Official CLEP Transcript—attempts aren’t noted. If your teen does fail, you simply wait the required 3 months and try again. You can repeat this process an unlimited amount of times. 


The Official CLEP APP  New Official College Board CLEP study guide app! *FYI these questions are the same you’ll find in the Official CLEP paperback.

CLEP Guide 16 pages Written by The College Board.  This is a free 16-page guide and a “must read” general guide for taking any CLEP exam.

Modern States – take a CLEP for FREE!  These free online prep courses will allow you to earn a voucher that pays for your CLEP test.  It really is free in every way – free class, free CLEP, free proctoring fee.  Many parents report that they use this program for the specific purpose of getting the voucher.  This is not a full homeschooling curriculum, it’s more like interactive Cliffs Notes, so my advice is to use it after your teen has already finished most of a homeschool class.

REA Guides are paperback and online prep guides for CLEP and AP.  These guides include excellent and thorough practice tests that also have summaries of “why” each test question’s answer is correct. This brand of test prep is considered the golden standard by anyone who has taken multiple exams. I (Jennifer) used an REA guide for every exam I’ve taken, and think they are far superior to any other brand on the market.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit