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Exciting Changes with ASU Universal Learner ENG101 and ENG102 English Composition Courses!

We were notified in the Spring that there were changes on the horizon for the popular English Composition 1 (ENG101) course. At that time, the self-paced version was pulled from the lineup as they made modifications. The self-paced version has returned, and the Fall 2022 course has also been given an upgrade! The biggest change is additional teacher feedback on writing assignments – something long requested by our members!

Upcoming versions of ENG102 English Composition 2 courses will also get some attention and have additional teacher feedback on writing assignments!

If a student needs additional help beyond the discussion forums and instructor feedback provided, ASU now provides access for Universal Learner programs at no additional charge via their online virtual tutoring portal.

What is the UL program?

ASU’s Universal Learner program, formerly known as the Earned Admissions program, is a unicorn in the college world. Students of any age in any part of the world can sign up for regionally accredited (the gold standard) college courses with no hassles, no need to send your transcripts, no red tape, no placement tests, and no risk to a student’s GPA. If the student doesn’t get the grade they want, simply do not pay the $400 at the end of the course and there is no record of the course. Retake the courses as many times as is needed for just a minimal $25 sign-up fee. Find out the full scope of the program.

How to Sign Up as a New Student:

For more detailed information about how to sign up for to take courses in the Universal Learner program, formerly known as the Earned Admissions program, please visit our post “How to Sign up for ASU Earned Admissions Courses”. Again, please note that students in the HS4CC portal have access to ALL of the courses in the regular Universal Learner portal, but will occasionally have extra course offerings, such as Poetry in America. The list of courses on the sign-up page is just a sample of what’s available and is not the full list available to HS4CC students in their dashboard. We do not make any money from this program in any way. The HS4CC portal was created to facilitate special offerings from ASU.

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