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Parent Question: SAT/ACT/CLT scores when you have college credit?

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My teen will have 24 college credits from high school. Will she still have to submit her SAT/ACT/CLT admissions scores when she goes to college, or will the college credit cover her?

Great question! The short answer is “yes” she will still need to send scores if the college requires them for incoming freshman. Keep in mind many colleges went test-optional or even removed the admissions exam entirely, so it may be a moot point, but if the college requires them for all freshman the year she applies, then she will have to send hers.

Here’s why: college credit earned in high school does not change your application process. Your teen is still a first time incoming freshman. Only college earned AFTER high school has the power to turn her into a transfer student (noteworthy because transfer students often do not have to send in SAT/ACT/CLT scores).

It seems silly that someone clearly capable of college work would still need to send in scores, but colleges don’t see it that way. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of routine and policy, other times it’s part of how they rank candidates, and other times it gives them the same “measuring stick” to use for all applicants. I can recall a situation in North Carolina with a family that had planned so perfectly, that her daughter had an associate’s degree and an undergraduate college certificate. She had nearly 3 years of college under her belt and did so inside of a transfer program. Since she earned these credentials in high school, she was a freshman applicant, which meant she needed to send in her SAT scores. Her mom was frustrated because they were so busy with her college work that they hadn’t even thought about the SAT, so she didn’t have a score. She was accepted by all 3 North Carolina colleges, and all 3 asked for her SAT scores. I recall her arguing her case up several levels through the administration, and ultimately 2 of the colleges waived the requirement.

The point here is that all freshman applicant requirements remain for students, even when they earn college credit. You’ll want to plan for the exam or choose a college that doesn’t require them.

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