CLEP ProTip: Using Your REA Online Account

REA Guides have long been the gold standard for CLEP test prep. Did you know about the hidden gem on their website?

Once your student has learned the material for their CLEP test, it is time to move on to CLEP test prep. Test prep allows you to determine if they are ready to take the test or if they need to study specific areas (normal).

REA Guides contain three tests to help you determine CLEP-readiness. These guides also come with a code so that you can take the tests on the REA website instead of in the book. (If you buy the book used, the code will probably already be used.) Full confession: I’ve always ignored the codes because if thought it just the same tests as the book but online. I was right. And I was wrong! They are the same tests, but it is not just that!

Once you log into your REA account and add the access code for the test, you will find that it has the same tests as the book. However, the tests provide you valuable information on what your student needs to study.

Below is a screen shot from Introductory Psychology after taking the first test. It’s called the ‘diagnostic test’ on the REA website. As you can see, it shows exactly what the student needs to study! And the chapters in the REA book are aligned with the topics listed below.

Use the Diagnostic

Armed with the knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, it’s valuable to go back into the REA guide and read the section again. What is NOT valuable is retaking the same practice test. Retaking a practice test is a memorization strategy- one that won’t help with CLEP since the practice questions are not the same as the exam. In addition, you’re much more likely to get these questions right, which can give you a false sense of readiness. This is why REA gives you three practice tests!

Practice tests represent a wide variety of questions, use each practice test carefully. Take the time to visit REA’s explanations about why a question is wrong- these are gold!!

Foundation (learn) + Test Prep (REA) + Practice Tests (REA) = Success!