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2-Year Degrees: New HS4CC Class!

Whether you want your teen ready for work or to save time and money on the path to a bachelor’s degree, 2-year degrees can help you get there. The key to a successful transfer is resourceful planning. In my new class I’ll teach you how to plan an associate’s degree for your homeschooled teen that WILL transfer into their target university.


Colleges don’t want you to leave, so they aren’t especially motivated to teach you how to transfer well, but successful transfer isn’t LUCKY, it’s intentional.

How can you be sure your teen’s associate degree does what you need it to do?

That’s the subject of my newest class: 2-Year Degrees

In 2-Year Degrees, we’ll do a deep dive (40+ lessons) into how to plan your teen’s degree with transfer in mind. You’ll learn the most common reasons a degree hits a snag, and I’ll show you how to expertly navigate around them.

You CAN learn this stuff, and once it’s explained in simple, “non-college-jargon” you’ll be ready to make sure your teen’s degree does for them exactly what you need it to.

BONUS: Everyone who registers for this class will receive a free copy of my new 2-Year Degree Learning Guide 2022-2023 edition ($7 value).


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit