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Degree in High School?

Whether or not to earn a degree IN high school (as opposed to after) is a real dilemma for many of our families! For some of you, you have access to free dual enrollment or state programs that make this an “easy” and “affordable” option, but others don’t have that access, so the decision includes other factors.

HS4CC Parent Nicole from Texas “Both of my kids got associate degrees before college. One graduated high school with hers, the other got his the summer between high school graduation and going to college. They both applied as freshman to a variety of schools. Because the degrees were obtained after they were already accepted, it did not affect their status and they both received freshman scholarships. Both schools (one out of state public, one out of state private) transferred all of their credits. My son was able to double major and minor and graduate in just two years from Colorado State, saving us a ton of money. My daughter’s college is a 4 year program regardless of credits, but having the associates also allows her to double major/minor. Another benefit is that the technical junior status gives them priority in things like dorm selection, parking, etc. We have no regrets choosing this path.”

Homeschooling for College Credit

Earning college credit is pretty straight forward, but when a family finds success, and starts to get traction (12 credits, 21 credits, 33 credits……) the next logical question is whether or not they should try and earn an 2-year degree before they finish high school.

There are 35 states that GUARANTEE the transfer of your associate’s degree into your 4-year public universities. Those of you living in these states are at a significant advantage because the degree ABSOLUTELY 100% brings the goal post closer and your college freshman will jump to junior status immediately AFTER enrollment (and scooping up those freshman scholarships).

Differently, but still noteworthy, are 38 states that GUARANTEE the transfer of specific classes into 4-year public universities. Those of you living in these states enjoy the transfer of courses, and this is useful in cases where finishing a degree isn’t possible.

There are, however, 16 states that cause problems. In these cases where the DEGREE is guaranteed but the COURSES are not, it is exceptionally important for the student to finish the entire degree before transferring!!  Not finishing the degree means each individual course credit (especially credit by exam) will be reevaluated by the new college and you could lose a LOT of credit. Finish the degree prior to transfer!

In my new class 2-Year Degrees, I’d love to teach you about all the nuances that go into the careful and resourceful planning process. I love helping parents feel smart- and this class will teach you how to reverse engineer your plan with the expertise that rivals any college advisor.

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