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TECEP®  Exams – Thomas Edison Credit by Exam Program

Thomas Edison Credit by Exam Program

Credits of this type usually have very specific procedures to follow, limitations, or are part of a special relationship. This is a unique category for credit types that don’t fit well into the other groups.

A TECEP® is an exam developed by Thomas Edison State University (TESU) that awards college credit. A unique feature is that students receive an entry on an official TESU college transcript (contrasted with CLEP/AP or DSST which are not colleges) that indicate a alpha-numeric tied to one of the TESU college courses. A disadvantage, and part of the reason these exams are considered less transferable than CLEP/AP or DSST, is that these exams may be viewed by institutions as “institutional challenge exams” which transfer poorly. To make matters worse, only “CR” will be on the transcript, not a grade. That said, of the colleges that are very transfer-friendly, especially those on the HS4CC Partnership ACE List, generally accept TECEP® exams.

“TECEP® grades are recorded as CR (Credit) or NC (No Credit) and do not affect the grade point average (GPA). Students who register but don’t test or withdraw by the last day of the term will receive an NT (Not Taken) grade. An official transcript will not show a numeric score, a letter grade, an NC or NT grade, only exams successfully completed and the number of credits earned.

Here are the costs (current as of the 2022-2023 academic year):

TECEP® ExaminationsPer Credit Attempted
Lower Level TECEP Exams (100-200)$52
Upper Level TECEP Exams (300-400)$77

TECEP Exam List 2022-2023

English Composition


Social Sciences

Natural Sciences/Mathematics

Business and Management

Computer Science Technology

Applied Science and Technology


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