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Free or Discounted Tuition at Arizona State University

Looking for free or discounted tuition options for Arizona State University? You’re in the right place! There are at least 3 ways to get 100% free tuition. Following is a list of current discounts that we are aware of

CompanyBenefit AmountApplicable For
Starbucks100% TuitionEmployee
Uber100% TuitionEmployee or Family
Discount Tire20% tuition + existing
tuition reimbursement
Employee and/or
1 Family Member at a time
Desert Financial (AZ)100%Employee

According to InsideHigherEd’s article featuring ASU’s new online, for-profit “learning services company” in 2019, of the 40,000 students enrolled in 2018 at ASUOnline, the 100% online arm of Arizona State University, approximately 30% (12,000) of the students were enrolled through the Starbucks initiative.

If you know of more programs, please comment below!

What is the Universal Learner (UL) program?

ASU’s UL program is a unicorn in the college world, we know of no other program that includes all of the features this program provides. Students of any age in any part of the world can sign up for regionally accredited (the gold standard) college courses for $25, with no hassles, no need to send in your transcripts, no red tape, no placement tests, and no risk to a student’s GPA. If the student doesn’t get the grade they want, simply do not pay the $400 at the end of the course and there is no record of the course. Retake the courses as many times as is needed for just a minimal $25 sign-up fee. Students can sign up with a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, public school ID, or some have used homeschool ID’s. Find out the full scope of the program.

What is the HS4CC UL Portal?

The HS4CC UL portal is a an educational partner portal that allows ASU to easily deliver special courses, pacing options, etc to our members. Students in the HS4CC UL Portal have access to ALL of the courses available in the main “public” Universal Learner Portal ( Additionally, we have access to a growing number of courses ONLY available for enrollment from our HS4CC portal. At the time of this post, we currently have two different Poetry in America courses that will run back to back Fall and Spring semesters, as well as ENG105 Advanced First-Year Composition, which combines ENG101 English Composition 1, and ENG102 English Composition 2 into a single self-paced course, with faculty feedback, designed to run with a normal school year (August – June). Students must be in the HS4CC portal to see these courses and enroll.

Please note that Homeschooling for College Credit volunteers run the HS4CC with ASU Courses Facebook group and the HS4CC ASU UL Portal. We do not make money from ASU or the HS4CC portal; these are run as a service to the homeschool community.

How to Sign Up as a New Student:

For more detailed information about how to sign up for to take courses in the Universal Learner program, formerly known as the Earned Admissions program, please visit our post “How to Sign up for ASU Earned Admissions Courses”. Again, please note that students in the HS4CC portal have access to ALL of the courses in the regular Universal Learner portal, but will occasionally have extra course offerings, such as Poetry in America, and ENG105 Advanced First-Year Composition. The list of courses on the sign-up page is just a sample of what’s available and is not the full list available to HS4CC students in their dashboard.

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