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Big Fall Bundle – on sale now

Now through November 27th save over 50% off courses you love.

on sale through November 27, 2022

The fall sale bundle includes all 6 of these best selling courses taught by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa:

  1. Homeschooling for College Credit: The Basics, 28 quick lessons for the beginner ready to build a college credit program in their homeschool.
  2. Dual Enrollment and the Transcript, 25 step-by-step lessons to coach every parent through the important process of recording dual enrollment properly on the homeschool transcript.
  3. 2-Year Degrees, 45 robust lessons teach you every element of planning a 2-year degree that will transfer into a 4-year university. Your target university or state doesn’t matter, this is for every family.
  4. Transcript Intensive, 63 lessons carefully guide you through the process of professionally presenting your teen’s academic record for all 4-years of high school, dual enrollment, college, career, and beyond.
  5. GPA Mini-Course, In less than 15 minutes you’ll decide whether or not to weigh your teen’s GPA and how to perform the calculations.
  6. Getting Started with CLEP, 13 lessons for the beginner who wants to understand how their family can save tens of thousands of dollars by testing out of college classes right now while homeschooling.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit