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Data Science Analytics Bachelors under $10k

Thanks to a partnership between Thomas Edison State University and, your teen can complete their Data Science Analytics nearly entirely in high school, and for under $10,000. *and* I got everyone a coupon!

Resourceful High School Planning

The trick to keeping this degree under 10k is in the details. The 11 courses required (see below) come in at $6,000 but that leaves the general education courses to complete, so you’ll want to build a plan using alternative credits like DSST, CLEP, Studycom, Sophia, and other types of approved credit. When resourcefully planned, these credits can be earned for under $3,000.

Most of the general education courses required for this degree are also courses you would use in a regular homeschool schedule, making it easy to exchange a high school level course with one worth college credit.

For the statistics courses, any student of any age may enroll- test scores are not required. Each course lists the suggested prerequisites (if applicable). Several of the courses offer a self-assessment to help you assess your background and readiness. This means that these courses can (and should) be done in high school!

Courses are scheduled for specific calendar periods (3 or 4 weeks), but do not require students to be online at particular times. Students discuss statistical questions with the instructor via a private class discussion forum, teaching assistants offer feedback on homework assignments (most of which involve the use of statistical software), and administrative staff handle student services and inquiries by email or phone.

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Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics

Looking to earn a BS degree (or perhaps a second one) that will attract the attention of employers? Earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from Thomas Edison State University’s Heavin School of Arts and Sciences (TESU) through a curricular partnership with the The Institute for Statistics Education at This innovative BS degree in Data Science Analytics from TESU will train you in predictive modeling, forecasting, customer segmentation, data visualization and risk analysis. The data science component (area of study – both core and elective courses) is taught online at The General Education and electives required by the program are completed via online courses and other credit earning options offered by TESU. TESU specializes in awarding credit for demonstrated college-level competencies. You may be able to earn substantial credit award based on your prior learning and college-level expertise. 

Who This Degree Serves

Data Scientist is the #1 job ranked by Glass Door four years in a row. If you serious about this profession, earn a BS or an MS degree that will attract the attention of potential employers. Related job titles include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Statistician
  • Researcher
  • IT Professional

Required Courses (partial list)

Principles of Statistics

Predictive Analytics I- Machine Learning Tools*

Predictive Analytics II- Neural Nets and Regression*

Predictive Analytics III- Dimension Reduction, Clustering and Association Rules*

Optimization- Linear Programming*

Introduction to Network Analysis*

Forecasting Analytics

Interactive Data Visualization*

Area of Study Electives: Students select four of the following courses (12 Credits)

SQL- Introduction to Database Queries*

Regression Analysis*

Introduction to R Programming

Python for Analytics

Financial Risk Modeling*

Spatial Statistics with Geographic Information Systems*

Integer and Nonlinear Programming and Network Flow

Risk Simulation and Queuing*

R Programming Intermediate

*Upper-division course as designated by ACE.

Tuition and Fees

Earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Data Science Analytics from TESU in partnership with The core curriculum for 11 courses is $5,999 if you pay in full, or  $6,642 if you choose the tuition installment plan.

Tuition Payment Options

$5,999 one-time fee [best value]

$369/month for 18 months [$6,642]

$509-$654 per course [pay as you go]

*See each course syllabus page for additional text purchases, if required.

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