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Headlines to Follow: College Ranking

This is a headline I’m following closely because there has been a shake-up. For decades the U.S. News World Report has ranked colleges and universities, but the headline to follow is that 11 BIG NAME universities have announced that they will no longer participate. The last college to “say no” was in 1995. This never happens. Read more.

11 law schools, most recently at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Washington, have announced that they will stay out of the rankings. The first law school to announce that it was dropping out was Yale University, which has been the top-ranked law school by U.S. News since it started the rankings more than 30 years ago. But in the last week, two law schools, at Cornell University and the University of Chicago, announced that they would continue to participate with the rankings.

Inside Higher Ed had this to say “One theory is that “undergraduate schools view their constituency (mostly 16- to 18-year-old high schoolers) as more naïve, gullible, impressionable (and therefore rankings-bewitched) than law schools view their constituencies (22- to 30-year-old college graduates and often early-careerists).” As a result, “at least many of the top-tier law schools are willing to take the risk that a post boycott drop in their ranking won’t hurt them and might actually help them with their more worldly constituencies.”

This is a headline to follow!


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